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WaTech Citrix Edge Service can give your staff and business partners fast and secure remote access to agency and state network resources from any web browser – there is no need for pre-installed client software.

WaTech Citrix Edge Service provides IT administrators with a single point of control to manage user access and actions, based on both the endpoint device and the user’s profile. This provides better security, risk, and compliance management.

User credentials are validated through a multi-factor authentication process. The end-user experiences the feeling of a local network connection.

Through Citrix Edge Service, IT administrators have a single point of control to manage user access and actions. For example, a user may have full access (read, write, save locally, print, etc.) to a set of files when using their office PC, but may be restricted to read-only access when connecting through an unrecognized device — such as a PC in a public library.

WaTech Citrix Edge Service is available to customer agencies using the Citrix Presentation Server or Xen Server environments.

Fees for Service: 

Citrix Edge Service is billed monthly as a rated subscription service. Billing occurs only in the months when services are provided.

Description Fee
One-Time Setup Fee $180 at service initiation
Monthly User Fee Hardware Token / $17.45 per month
Software/Mobile Token / $9.00 per month
Certificate* / $6.00 per month
*(This option currently only supports Citrix and Juniper SSLVPN and is only available to domain-joined, state-owned workstations)

Pre-Service Requirements: 

State Government Network (SGN) or IntraGovernmental Network (IGN)
Existing or proposed Citrix Presentation Server or Citrix XenServer environment