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Server virtualization is the process of dividing one physical server into multiple isolated virtual operating systems – meaning servers are shared instead of dedicated to single operating systems. Server virtualization maximizes the use of the state’s IT infrastructure and reduces costs for users.

Server virtualization provides new efficient ways of operating, managing, moving, and maintaining applications.

Features and Benefits: 

  • New servers can be provisioned in hours rather than weeks
  • Simple virtual server hardware resource upgrades
  • Easy integration with other WaTech hosted services
  • Use of VMware® Virtual Infrastructure 5.1 (ESX and Virtual Center)
  • Use of VMware's VMotion to move servers from one physical host to another without disruption
  • Dynamic Load balancing to ensure virtual server workloads are evenly distributed across physical server hosts
  • High Available compute, network, and storage
  • Dynamic restart of virtual servers on an alternate physical server host if a host server fails
  • WaTech maintenance and monitoring of the virtual server environment
  • Technical support 24 hours a day

Fees for Service: 

The rates for Server Hosting are comprised of rates for monitoring, space, and a negotiated network charge.

Description Fee
Virtual Server Hosting Monthly rate is based on a custom Service Level Agreement (SLA) in order to meet customer’s business needs

How to Order: 

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