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The Enterprise Solutions Platform (ESP) is WaTech's help desk ticketing system. ESP  allows authorized users of our products and solutions to create and track their own related incidents and service requests.

ESP can be used to:

  • Create new tickets for incidents and service requests.
  • Display and track tickets.
  • Search for information.
  • Notify the support person assigned to a ticket.
  • Cancel or close a ticket.
  • Add attachments.

Frequently asked questions

Who can access ESP?

All users in Washington state's Enterprise Active Directory are eligible to use the self-service portal. Check with your agency's IT department to determine if and how your agency is using it.

What is the preferred browser?

ESP is not compatible with Internet Explorer or Edge. Preferred browsers are Firefox or Chrome. Please note: some features still do not work in Chrome. All features work in Firefox.

What is the difference between an Incident or Service Request?

An incident is when something needs to be fixed because it is not available or not responding (appears to be broken).

A service request is something that needs to be changed or you need information.

Can I check the status of my tickets?

Yes. You can display your ticket details including current status. You can also notify the support person assigned to your ticket, cancel/close your ticket and/or upload attachments for your ticket.

Can I display tickets for other people in my agency?

No. End users can only display their own tickets.

Can I display tickets for other people in other agencies?

No. End users can only display their own tickets.