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CBS allows for the online development of the agency's capital budget request. It supports multiple budget versions so agencies can easily develop various scenarios. A project estimation tool is available within the application that calculates the necessary costs for completing a capital project including automatic calculations for inflation factors, taxes, etc. Security levels are built in to ensure that only users with the appropriate level of authority have the ability to make changes after records are locked.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How can I disable pop-up blockers?
In order for the CBS application to work, you must disable your pop-up blocker for this site. This is a two-step process that you need to do from Internet Explorer:

  1. Select Tools, Pop-up Blocker, TURN OFF POP-UP BLOCKER
  2. Select Tools, Compatibility View Settings. Once in the Compatibility View Setting  you will see * in the “Add this Website”. If you have administrative rights to your machine you will be able to click the “ADD” Icon. (Note:  If this is greyed out you will need to work with your internal IT staff.)

How can I determine who in my agency has CBS access and what their security levels are?
A report is available if you have access to the Budget Reports within the Reporting Portal. Steps to get report:

  1. Select the Budget Reports Folder
  2. Then select Agency Access Reports
  3. Double click on the report “List Budget Login ID” to schedule the report. It will default to your agency. You can use the “Sort List By” to sort by “Budget System” and then click Schedule.
  4. The report will show the status and will auto refresh until it has successfully completed.
  5. Double click on the line for the report and it will open. You can then click on CBS from the Group Tree. This will take you to the CBS section where you can view your agency users for each security level.

How can I add or delete CBS users or change their security level for my agency?
Complete and submit a BASS Security Form and mail it to .

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