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Design, implement, operate, maintain, and support technology infrastructure and end-user services necessary to meet the Customer’s business needs on supported endpoints.

Features and Benefits: 

This service represents IT Support for end users.  It includes all the minimum support components to ensure staff have the hardware and software necessary to access their Line of Business applications, Enterprise applications and the IT resources necessary to meet their business needs. It includes endpoint refreshes every 4 years, Microsoft Office Suite, operating system and client access licenses, storage for your user and shared documents and support for any WaTech add-on services you use (e.g. shared email, VPN, etc.). It also provides the necessary components to keep IT assets secure and compliant with local, state and federal regulations.

Fees for Service: 

$3,500 per year per supported endpoint (pc/laptop). In the event where the customer engages WaTech in an effort not covered under the Desktop Support Terms of Service, staffing rates of $85 to $250 per hour will apply depending on the type of engagement.

This work will only be initiated with the approval of a Statement of Work subject contained within the Desktop Support Services Terms of Service.


To obtain services from WaTech, eligible organizations must enter into a Master Service Agreement (MSA).

Pre-Service Requirements: 

How to Order: 

WaTech must complete an assessment of the current state of your IT Support environment and business requirements. Please submit a request to the WaTech Support Center requesting Desktop Services to initiate this assessment.

Service Contact: 

PJ Griffin, at or (360)407-8506.

Terms of Service: 

Please select the link below to accept the Desktop Support Services Terms of Service (TOS):

Desktop Support Services (TOS)