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WaTech maintains a central vendor file for Washington State agencies to use for processing vendor payments. This allows you, as a vendor, to receive payments from all participating state agencies by direct deposit, the state's preferred method of payment.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

When will I receive my payment?
If you have received a remittance advice (a notification of direct deposit) find the field labeled “Deposit Date.” This is the date on which the deposit will actually be made to your bank. If it is past the deposit date, contact your bank, as sometimes it takes a bit more time for the bank to post the funds to your account once they are deposited. If you have not received your remittance advice, we suggest that you email us at Include your SWV number and taxpayer identification number (employer ID number (EIN) or last four numbers of your Social Security number (SSN)) to help us find your payment.

Why did I get a check instead of direct deposit?
Before we can begin direct deposit, we need to verify your account with the bank (we call it the prenote process). That process usually takes about two weeks.

If your payment is issued before the bank has verified your account, you will receive a check, sent to the address on the record. Or, if the bank cannot verify your account (for instance because of a wrong account number), you will receive a check.

If the bank notifies us during the registration (prenote) process that they cannot verify your account, such as due to is an issue with the account number or routing number, we will notify you by mail.

I received a payment but I need more information about it.
The Statewide Payee Desk only has access to the invoice number and the amount of the payment. If you need more information about the payment, you will need to contact the agency for which you provided the services or products. The agency name and phone number are listed on the remittance advice in the “payment detail” section.

If you received a payment and did not receive a remittance advice, send an email to Include the 6-digit payment number and the amount, as well as your SWV number.