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Domain Naming Services (DNS)

WaTech Domain Naming Service (DNS) is available to all agencies connected to the State Government Network (SGN) or the IntraGovernmental Network (IGN).

Washington State administers the and domains.

The sub-domain is now available to cities and counties – it had previously been available only to state agencies, boards, and commissions. Local governments currently use a variety of domain names, such as or Cities...Read more

Managed Server Hosting

WaTech can provide flexible and professional server support for your computers using the state's substantial IT resources. We currently manage a wide variety of platforms including: HP-ProLiant servers and Sun Solaris, and Linux.

You may choose from the following levels of support: you own and maintain your servers, which are hosted in our state-of-the-art data center where you have round-the-clock access; or, we can provide total support of your owned or leased servers.
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Virtual Server Hosting

Server virtualization is the process of dividing one physical server into multiple isolated virtual operating systems – meaning servers are shared instead of dedicated to single operating systems. Server virtualization maximizes the use of the state’s IT infrastructure and reduces costs for users.

Server virtualization provides new efficient ways of operating, managing, moving, and maintaining applications.

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Web Server Hosting

WaTech offers reliable, quality hosting options for websites of all sizes. Shared servers are available through WaTech for small, less complex websites. Complex and active sites can be hosted on leased virtual servers. Customers have the option of either Linux or Windows web platforms for large or small websites.

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