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Washington Technology Solutions (WaTech) is "the consolidated technology services agency" (RCW 43.105.006) created to establish a streamlined, agile central IT organization that enables public agencies to better serve the people of Washington via technology. Our customers include state agencies, county, city and tribal governments as well as nonprofits. WaTech operates the state's core technology infrastructure--the central network and data center and supports enterprise applications. The agency's Office of the Chief Information Officer is charged with preparing and leading the implementation of a strategic direction and enterprise architecture for information technology for state government. Additionally, WaTech houses the State Office of Cyber Security and Washington OneNet. Approximately 550 people are employed at WaTech.

The WaTech Backstory 

Governor Inslee requested the creation of a new technology organization as part of the 2015-17 budget to best position Washington for the most optimal future--think security, privacy, modernization.  From the Governor's request emerged Washington Technology Solutions (WaTech), the government agency legally known as "the consolidated technology services agency" - RCW 43.105.006.  

WaTech unifies the former Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), the original Consolidated Technology Services (CTS) and the enterprise applications division of the Department of Enterprise Services (DES). This new agency builds on the progress made by the state’s central IT organizations over the past four years, when five central IT organizations were combined into three--the OCIO, CTS and DES. Now we are one. 

Rob St. John | Acting WaTech Director & Washington State Chief Information Officer

Rob St. JohnRob is a 32 year employee of Washington State Government, the last 25 or so have been managing some aspect of information technology. Rob spent more than two decades at the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS). He joined DSHS in 1985, first working directly with clients and later becoming a systems administrator, supporting the state’s welfare reform effort by leading the development of the state’s WorkFirst case management and child care eligibility systems.

In 2007, Rob was named the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at DSHS where he served until joining the newly formed OFM Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) as deputy. In April 2012, Rob was named the director of Consolidated Technology Services (CTS). Most recently Rob has been serving as director of the Office of the Chief Information Officer, overseeing the state’s major investments in information technology.

Rob grew up in eastern Washington and earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Washington University.

WaTech's Three Challenges

Make durable change and successfully address three challenges:

  • Change the Way we Work Together –
    • Build a diverse workforce of the future
    • Enhance our working experience and create a cultural sense of urgency
    • Build a new identity for Washington's central IT and foster greater stakeholder engagement
  • Transform our Customers' Experiences –
    • Supply the superior, trusted technical foundation that enables agencies to focus on where they provide highest value to their stakeholders
    • Become the supplier of choice for technology services and counsel to customers throughout project lifecycles
    • Be more intentional and programmatic in how we manage customer relationships and offer solutions
  • Execute with Excellence –
    • Drive execution and evolution, plus increase accountability and trust with the authorizing environment
    • Simplify; become easier to do business with; increase reliability and resilience
    • Continous improvement is paramount: the ever-accelerating advances of technology demands rapid IT organizational responses

WaTech Executive Team

Rob St. John  |  Acting Director and State Chief Information Officer
Laurel McMillan | Executive Assistant

Heidi Geathers | WaTech Deputy Director, Infrastructure & Applications
Michael DeAngelo | Deputy Director, Business and Digital Media Services

Rob St. John  |  Deputy Director, Office of the Chief Information Officer
Agnes Kirk  |  State Chief Information Security Officer
Alex Alben  |  State Chief Privacy Officer 
Angela Knight  |  Executive Assistant

Wendi Gunther  |  Chief Finance Officer

Human Resources
Cathleen Overmiller |  Director of Human Resources

Connie Michener  |  Director of Legislative Affairs

Office of Legal Affairs
Rebekah O'Hara  | Chief Legal Services Officer

Washington Technology Solutions Organization Chart