Phase 1: Decision Package Review

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  • RCW 43.88.092 (Information technology budget detail-Information technology plan)

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    Reviewing Projects at Conceptual Stage - Decision Package (DP) Review

    The first phase of Project Portfolio Management is submitting a budget request, also known as a Decision Package (DP). This phase is initiated when an agency identifies a business need that can be resolved with a technology solution.

    During this phase, WaTech is available to meet with your agency for a DP Review, to help better align your IT investments with the state's technology priorities. These priorities are the basis of the scoring /ranking criteria used in the next phase, project funding prioritization. The DP review also helps WaTech learn more about your business needs and assists with DP prioritization.

    Other benefits of a DP review include:

    • WaTech can influence the agency's proposed technical choices and, if appropriate, suggest options for better alignment with the state’s enterprise technology strategy.
    • Identification of possible cross-agency efficiencies. If multiple agencies are considering the adoption of similar types of technology (e.g., case management systems, records management systems), identification during this phase gives agencies the opportunity to consider collaboration.

    To initiate a DP review, the agency sends an email to the Business Relationship Managers (BRMs) to schedule a meeting. WaTech and the agency will review the draft Decision Package together to determine whether the anticipated technology and project management approaches are consistent with the state IT strategy. WaTech provides feedback and guidance.

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