Enterprise Cloud Computing Program (ECCP)

ECCP update April 2024

  • Program: We are finishing a prioritization model to decide the order of cloud projects, based on the following – input data from the Cloud Capability Model, analyzing WaTech's current services and identifying capability gaps in the current service offerings. We're using a data visualization tool (SharpCloud) to show data in a way that helps us put this system into action. Right now, we're checking the data we have to make sure it's correct and complete. 
  • Foundational Services: Finalizing requirements and an implementation plan for the Cloud Government Network (CGN).
  • Workforce & Training: Readiness assessments for wave 1 are complete. Individual wave 1 reports have been reviewed with those agencies. Readiness assessments for wave 2 are well underway. Work is expected to continue through May 2024. Nearing the end of two proof of concepts (POCs) with two cloud learning platform vendors. Learnings and user feedback from these POCs will inform a recommended selection.
  • Consulting: Began drafting customer user journeys and scheduled visioning session for consulting goal.

About the ECCP

The Enterprise Cloud Computing Program (ECCP) was created by WaTech to provide leadership, governance, guidance, and resources to accelerate the strategic adoption of cloud technologies across Washington state government.

The overall mission of the ECCP is to accelerate efforts to modernize and transform the state information technology services that Washingtonians require by embracing cloud technology. This is an integral part of WaTech's efforts to create a "connected government" where residents and visitors can access state government services more easily and directly, whether it's getting a license, accessing public health resources, or bidding on a government project.

The program is the outgrowth of a statewide cloud readiness assessment the Office of the Chief Information Officer provided at the Legislature's direction in 2020.

Our Vision: A secure, scalable, and interoperable statewide cloud ecosystem to accelerate agency modernization and provide strategic goals to meet the dynamic needs of Washingtonians.

Our Mission: To modernize and migrate the state's information technology assets to cloud services to accelerate the transformation of critical services for Washingtonians.

The ECC's mission has three focus areas:

  • Enable the adoption of cloud technologies - including the development and governance of the state's cloud architecture, policies, and standards - by providing statewide leadership and expert resources.
  • Implement a cloud services brokerage function that helps agencies identify and acquire the best solutions at the best prices, and ensures cloud investments are operated securely, efficiently, and in compliance with the state's IT policies and strategic plan.
  • Use contracted resources to help agencies identify migration candidates and to plan and implement migration projects.

Program Goals

  • Accelerate the modernization of government services by adopting and committing to scalable and sustainable adoption of cloud solutions.
  • Enhance statewide security and resilience using cloud platforms, tools, architectures, and standards.
  • Shift from a capital expenditure to an operational expenditure model for state IT investment. This would reduce large upfront investments and provide predictable ongoing expenses by paying only for what's used and then scale when needed.
  • Improve and optimize cloud operating costs by leveraging pricing at an enterprise scale, with master contracts, centralized services, and transparent "pay as you go" cost metrics.