Technology Business Management (TBM)

TBM is a set of best practices for running IT like a business. The goal is for leaders to make data-driven discussions about the cost and value of IT to best support business goals. The state TBM Program managed by WaTech is responsible for establishing the governance, policies, standards, practices, and processes needed to monitor IT investments. (Agencies in the program for current fiscal year.)

Getting started with TBM

TBM Resources

Apptio Cost Transparency Training Navigation & IT Financial Reports

Apptio Cost Transparency Cloud Report Collection Overview

TBM Program in Action

The TBM Program monitors statewide IT spending. Reporting through the TBM program includes the IT Spend Biennial Report and the state IT Portfolio reporting metrics.

TBM Taxonomy

To facilitate communication between IT, Finance and Business areas, a common language or taxonomy is needed. The state program has adopted an industry standard TBM Taxonomy that's governed and maintained by the TBM Council Board Committee on Standards.