WaTech Projects & Initiatives

This page provides information on the WaTech enterprise IT projects currently underway. Each project page includes current status, progress, resources and contact information. We will be updating this page with additional projects as teams are formed and charters are created. If you did not find what you were looking for on this page, please contact communications@watech.wa.gov.

For information on completed projects, visit our Archive page.

Enterprise Cloud Computing Program (ECCP)

The Enterprise Cloud Computing Program (ECCP) was created by WaTech to provide leadership, governance, guidance, and resources to accelerate the strategic adoption of cloud technologies across Washington state government.

Identity Access Management (IAM) Modernization

WaTech is engaging agency partners to complete a successful technology Proof of Concept resulting in contracts with technology and service providers necessary to modernize IAM technology and processes for the state of Washington.

Innovation and Modernization Program

The Washington state Legislature in 2023 provided partial funding for a new program that enables WaTech to provide grants to agencies looking for innovative ways to modernize their systems. The Technology Services Board (TSB) on July 13 approved more than $900,000 in funding from WaTech's new Innovation and Modernization Fund (IMF) for five agency projects aimed at improving state services.

Telephony Infrastructure Modernization Project

The purpose of this project is to modernize the legacy telephony hardware and service delivery model by streamlining and standardizing how telephony services are provided. The goal is to migrate legacy hardware and technologies to modern cost-efficient standardized solutions for WaTech and our customers.

Washington State Resident Portal

The Resident Portal project vision is to create a platform that provides a secure, user-friendly portal for Washington state residents to access information and services needed to sustain or enhance their lives.