Washington State Resident Portal


Hemingway Huynh
Project Manager

Progress update: May 2024

Resident Portal Roadmap Vendor Challenge Procurement

Our Procurement Challenge Project launched successfully, attracting a robust interest from many interested vendors. We've achieved considerable progress with more than 50 registrations already completed, and the registration window is closing this week. Moreover, we have secured a panel of 12 judges, and we have scheduled a webinar training session for May 30.

Program/project updates:

  • Core team is currently iterating non-functional requirements.
  • Resident Survey segmentation and analysis is in progress with draft user groups created.
  • User stories to represent functional requirements are in progress.
  • Onboarded WaTech OCM.
  • Will be conducting resident and peer interviews in May.

We want you to be a part of this effort! We are ready to engage with our agency partners to ensure that the roadmap and future solution meet your needs as well as those of our residents. If you are interested in participating in workgroups and engagement sessions, please contact Wendy.Wickstrom@watech.wa.gov.


WaTech was funded in the 2023-2025 biennium to develop a resident portal and complete major enhancements to WA.gov. The goal of the Resident Portal project is to create a government experience that leaves no community behind. Through a connected government that emphasizes service delivery and the experience of those we serve, we can achieve equitable outcomes across our communities.

The Resident Portal will provide authenticated, secure, transparent access to the services residents of the state need. It will be human-centered, focused first and foremost on meeting the needs of residents and aims to greatly improve the ease of use and access to services that residents need the most from Washington government.


The Resident Portal project vision is to create a platform that provides a secure, user-friendly portal for Washington state residents to access information and services needed to sustain or enhance their lives. Residents will create a statewide account (via Identity and Access Management platform), share information about themselves which the Resident Portal will store and securely share with other agencies. From the Resident Portal, residents will be able to find services that they may qualify for, complete applications for those services, receive status updates and sign up for alerts and notifications from Washington state government.

The platform will be a single point of access to government services, providing a consistent user experience and equitable access for all residents of Washington state.