IT Investment Intake

The IT Investment Intake Tool is used to assist Washington state agencies and WaTech in assessing the cost, duration, complexity, and statewide significance of an anticipated information technology project (RCW 43.105.245).

Agencies are required to submit every IT investment/project with a combined level of effort total cost of more than $500,000 - OR - a duration longer than six months through this tool. Submitted project data is retained and will be used for analysis and refinement of oversight policies, practices and the tool itself.

Based on the information provided, some investments will need to complete the tiering assessment questionnaire. WaTech will review these details to designate investments as either under project oversight or not. Each project under oversight will be assigned an oversight tier. WaTech's oversight determination, request for meeting or additional information is usually made within five business days of submission. This timeline may differ slightly for some requests.

Note that it is the responsibility of the agency to follow all state policies for IT projects, any procurement policies internal to your agency or from the Department of Enterprise Services, and any other internal agency policies relevant to projects or investments.

Submitting to WaTech

When you are ready to submit an investment to WaTech, use the IT Investment Intake Tool submission form.

Please answer to the best of your ability with the most accurate information available at the time of submission. Comments are not required but are encouraged for clarification purposes.

Oversight Probability Guideline

The matrix below provides a high-level guideline on the probability of oversight on an investment based on estimated cost and duration. As mentioned above, WaTech will make a final oversight determination based on the investment intake and tiering assessment questionnaire.

Image of the oversight probability matrix. contact WaTech Communications at to obtain this information in an alternate format.

Oversight Probability Matrix

Once submitted, WaTech and the agency will receive a copy of the submission and a separate response that expresses the oversight disposition as well as any required follow-up. For projects determined to fall under oversight, an additional form will be required to determine the tier of the investment to help WaTech understand how to provide the most meaningful support.

Note that if the funding is subject to Section 701 of enacted budgets or with IT Pool, the oversight requirements will apply to the project.