IT Project Resources

This toolkit is only a guide. It is intended to be flexible and scalable. Larger, high-risk projects may follow these guidelines more strictly while smaller, lower-risk projects may choose to apply the project management tools and templates in accordance with the unique needs of the project. The project approach taken should consider severable variables:

  1. Organizational culture. What are the organization's capabilities and capacity, and unique project management policies and standards?
  2. Project scale. Projects can range from small and simple involving a single business unit to large and complex with multiple large agency impacts.
  3. Implementation approach. A project may follow many planning and implementation methodologies, including waterfall, agile, hybrid or planning wave.
  4. Project type. There are many different project types including: software upgrade, enhancement, replacement or new implementation, technology infrastructure, telephony and communications, security, privacy and data protection, data management and analytics, web and online portals and facilities relocation.

It is important to select a project management approach that incorporates best practices but is flexible to accommodate the unique aspects of the project.

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