Cloud Computing

Cloud Highway

WaTech's Cloud Highway service delivers secure, high-speed connectivity to mission-critical cloud services. With the Cloud Highway, state agencies can focus on improving their online business…

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Cloud VPN

WaTech's Cloud Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service provides a secure way to connect employees to your agency's applications and other services hosted in a public cloud network using an internet…

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Enterprise Automation Service

The WaTech Enterprise Automation Service is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool for end-to-end high-scale automation that allows customers to securely deploy, manage, monitor, and optimize…

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Enterprise Shared Tenant

The Washington Enterprise Shared Tenant (the Tenant) changes how organizations have historically managed their IT infrastructure, by shifting the management of these resources to cloud providers.…

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Server Backup

Server Backup Services (SBS) provide a comprehensive system for backing up and restoring almost any type of server over the State Government Network (SGN). SBS can backup and restore a single file…

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Teams Telephony

WaTech Teams Telephony Service

Phone System in Office 365 provides Phone Branch Exchange (PBX) capabilities through Microsoft Teams.

With Phone System, users can use Teams to place and…

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Teams Toll-Free Audio Conferencing Service

Microsoft Teams provides capabilities to collaborate and participate in Audio Conferencing with toll-free Teams conferencing.

Toll-free is an add on to Teams Conferencing. Customer…

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Washington State Cloud

The Washington State Cloud provides customers with an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud located within the State Data Center (SDC) and Quincy Data Center (QDC). Using a self-service portal…

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