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This page provides information on the WaTech enterprise IT projects currently underway. Many of the projects listed here are part of our Strategic Roadmap. Each project page includes current status, progress, resources and contact information. We will be updating this page with additional projects as teams are formed and charters are created. If you did not find what you were looking for on this page, please contact

Replacement of Multi-Factor Authentication for SecureAccess Washington

This project will replace the existing multi-factor authentication (MFA) component of SecureAccess Washington (SAW).

Statewide Cloud Readiness Assessment

The goal of the assessment is to help the state determine its ability to successfully adopt and support cloud solutions, as well as provide a current-state account of technology assets and future opportunities.

IPv6 Program

Implementing IPv6 within the state’s network core.

Mainframe as a Service (MFaaS) Migration

Migrate Mainframe Services to a cloud-enabled vendor-hosted solution. ​

Microsoft 365 Enterprise Shared Tenant Migration

The M365 Project will enhance the state shared tenant and M365 ecosystem with additional features and supporting documentation and enable agencies to consume cloud services.​

Backup Service and Storage Transformation

The WaTech Backup Service is transitioning from its current Avamar platform to a new cloud-based solution.