Keeping a clean computer

Keeping a clean computer is important for both performance and security. Here are some tips on how to maintain your device in optimal condition:

  • Keeping software up to date is the best defense against online threats like viruses and malware. This includes regularly updating your security software, web browser, and operating system. Updates can fix bugs, improve security, and optimize performance.
  • Automate software updates to defend against known risks by enabling automatic updates if available.
  • It's important to regularly remove any software that is no longer in use. It can take up valuable space, slow down your system, and pose security risks. Removing it eliminates the need to keep it updated and removes potential security vulnerabilities.
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies. They can accumulate over time and affect your browsing speed and privacy.
  • Protect all internet-connected devices, including computers, smartphones, gaming systems, TVs, thermostats, and other web-enabled devices, from viruses and malware by configuring your network to provide protection.
  • Scan your computer for viruses and malware. Use a reputable antivirus program and perform regular scans to detect and remove any threats. This includes USBs and external devices.