November 2022 Privacy Points

What a whirlwind November!

This month I had the pleasure of presenting at the Technical Services Board Security Subcommittee, the State Agency Privacy Forum, the Fall Association of County and City Information Systems (ACCIS) conference in Skamania, and attended the Digital Government Summit and GIS Day in Olympia.

It is so wonderful to be able to get out, meet people in person again and connect with new acquaintances and old colleagues. In several of my presentations I was able to highlight many of the accomplishments for the Office of Privacy and Data Protection this past year and share several our new resources with the state and local government community.

Highlights from the Office of Privacy and Data Protection include:

  • Privacy program workshop.
  • Privacy threshold analyses and privacy impact assessments.
  • Monthly webinars on privacy topics.
  • Launch of Privacy Basics Training.
  • Major project involvement.
  • IT governance engagement.

Our office has come a long way in engaging with the IT and state and local partners to ensure adoption of privacy principles and responsible handling of personally identifiable information.

ADS Inventory

We are also reviewing and analyzing data provided by state agencies in the annual privacy assessment survey and the inventory of Automated Decision-Making Systems (ADS). Based on review of the initial ADS data, it looks like we may need to do some additional follow-up with agencies. Our office has started some of the outreach to clarify answers provided by agencies. We still have time to work through the data before the inventory needs to be finalized Thanks for all of your work on this.

Other updates

Our office is looking forward to collaborating closely with our new state chief information security officer (CISO) who will be starting next month. Ralph Johnson has a deep background in privacy as well as cybersecurity and we are already talking about ways our offices can align our work. Welcome Ralph!

See you next month with more updates from our office!

Katy Ruckle

State Chief Privacy Officer

Watch the Privacy Basics training on the WaTech YouTube channel.