November 2023 Privacy Points

Spoofed Website Warning

Bad actors are spoofing the SecureAccess Washington (SAW) website portal with fake sponsored ads. If users click on the fake ad, it takes them to a page that looks like a legitimate government website asking for username and password. If those credentials are provided, bad actors can then potentially use that information to access user accounts at state agencies. To avoid becoming a victim, be skeptical of all links on the internet even if they look official. When going to a government agency website, make sure it has a .gov address. The only correct SAW address is

For more information please visit the WaTech website.

Digital Government Summit

I have the privilege to speak about Ethics and Artificial Intelligence on a panel at the 24th Annual Washington Digital Government Summit at the Tacoma Convention Center on Nov. 29.  Topics  to be discussed include risks and benefits of using AI in the public sector, the state’s approach to AI use and guidance, and assessing and mitigating risks to ensure AI is being used safely and effectively.

Coming up: Legislative Assembly Days

In addition to the AI discussion at the Digital Government Summit, Nick Stowe, State Chief Technology Officer, and myself will be presenting to the Environment, Energy, and Technology Committee on Friday, Dec. 1.  We will be discussing the AI Community of Practice work in Washington and our interim guidelines on generative AI use in Washington.  Tune in on TVW if you can.

GIS Day 2023

I also had the privilege of presenting with Joanne Markert, Chief Geographic Information Officer, at the Washington State Joint Agency GIS Day event. We covered what the GIS program is doing and privacy considerations as it maps geographic data for many agency initiatives. For more information about the all-day joint agency event visit GIS Day event page.

See you next month with more updates!

Katy Ruckle

State Chief Privacy Officer