2021 - 2025 Technology Strategic Plan Published

The statewide strategic plan has a number of inputs including:

  • Enterprise business goals and priorities as laid out in Results Washington
  • The vision of the state CIO
  • The advice of the Technology Services Board
  • The voice of agency CIOs
  • Legislative expectations as laid out in statue, including RCW 43.105, and
  • Technology trends.

Using information from all these sources, the statewide technology strategic plan has been updated. The plan is now published and availalbe for use (link to an accessible version of the plan). The five goals did not change from the prior plan. Objectives have been adjusted. This plan identifies prioritiy enterprise initiatives identified during the input sessions. Initiatives are in two categories: planned or in progress and proposed. Over the life of this plan, initiatives will be updated as planned/in progress items complete, proposed projects move to planned and as new enterprise impacting initiatives are identified.