Accessibility Policy

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This policy establishes the expectation for state agencies that people with disabilities have access to and use of information and data and be provided access to the same services and content that is available to persons without disabilities unless providing direct access is not possible due to technical or legal limitations.

The state of Washington is committed to providing access to information technology to the public and Washington state employees, including individuals with disabilities. Information technology should be procured, developed, maintained, and utilized so that it is accessible to individuals with disabilities, unless it creates an undue burden on the agency. Information technology, including websites, web-based applications, software systems, and electronically published documents, should provide the substantially similar functionality to individuals with disabilities as it provides to others.

This policy and the associated standard are intended to assist the state of Washington in meeting its obligations under state and federal law to provide reasonable accommodation to employees and provide persons with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in, and enjoy the benefits of services, programs, or activities conducted by the state.

Compliance with this policy does not relieve each agency from its responsibility to otherwise comply with state and federal law, including but not limited to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disability Act.


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