Geodetic Control Data Standard

DATA-02-01-S was 161.01


These standards establish and reference Geodetic Control Data Standards for vertical datum, horizontal datum, and the state's coordinate system used for agency geospatial data, geographic information systems, and data exchanges.

They are designed to improve data quality and accuracy, and simplify the exchange of geodetic control data among state agencies, local, tribal, state, and federal users and producers.


See Also:

  • RCW 43.105.287 details the powers and duties of the Technology Services Board (TSB) including the authority to develop statewide or interagency information services and technical policies, standards, and procedures.
  • 161.06 Web Mapping Publication Standard (new).
  • RCW 58.20 details the Washington Coordinate System, established by the National Geodetic Survey for defining and stating the positions or locations of points on the surface of the earth within the state of Washington