Open Data Planning

DATA-01 was 187


The Legislature has found that government records and information are a vital resource to both government operations and to the public that government serves. Broad public access to state government records and information has potential for expanding citizen access to that information and for improving government services. Electronic methods for locating and transferring information can improve linkages between and among citizens, organizations, businesses, and governments. (See RCW 43.105.351)

When government makes data available in an open and readily usable format we enable citizens, colleagues, companies and communities to understand and amplify the civic purposes we work on. Open data allows collaboration between private and public organizations dedicated to a common cause; it facilitates transparency in government and supports the state's digital economy. (Ibid)

This Policy defines the responsibilities and expectations of agencies and the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) related to implementation of existing state statute and emerging private, local and federal practices.


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