WaTech unveils IT plan to improve state services for all Washingtonians

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Washington Technology Solutions (WaTech) is excited to announce the launch of its 2024-2026 strategic plan that’s focused on improving life for everyone in Washington through innovative IT solutions.

"We're building on our past successes and setting a vision for a future where our technology makes a real difference in people's lives across our state," WaTech Director and State CIO Bill Kehoe said.

WaTech's strategy is centered around three key goals:

  1. Enable Customer Success Through Service Delivery: WaTech aims to enhance the way services are delivered to its customers, using modern technology to bring about significant improvements. This includes focusing on customer needs, updating technology, and strengthening partnerships.
  2. Learn Together. Build Together. Serve Together: The plan highlights the importance of investing in WaTech's team, welcoming new ideas, and building trust within the organization. This involves creating a flexible and innovative workplace, attracting top talent, and encouraging professional growth.
  3. Statewide Technology Leadership: As a technology leader, WaTech is set to offer strategic guidance and support across the state, shaping the future of tech policies and investments to benefit everyone.

To ensure these goals are not just words on paper, WaTech has formed specialized teams that will work with our customers and partners to drive progress in each area. These teams will regularly review their achievements and make updates to the strategic plan as needed, keeping it relevant in the fast-paced world of technology.

WaTech encourages all interested parties to help the agency achieve its goals by reviewing the strategic plan and providing feedback to help us shape the future of technology in Washington.

About WaTech

The Washington State Technology Agency (WaTech) is at the forefront of providing technology services and solutions to state agencies, enabling them to better serve the residents of Washington. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, WaTech is dedicated to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of government operations through technology.

For more information, please see WaTech's Strategic Plan.