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Project complete as of August 29, 2023

The Enterprise IT Strategic Plan launched on August 29 with the publication of the plan webpage and supporting documents. 

Next steps

To ensure the seamless execution of our strategic plan, cross-functional Goal Teams comprised of agency representatives and leaders from across the state will be dedicated to a specific area of focus, propelling the advancement of the strategic goals. These teams will also directly align with our IT governance model, with chairs of governance bodies providing executive-level leadership and working directly with the Goal Team Sponsors, Team Members, and subject matter experts to demonstrate progress around the four goals.



WaTech’s is revising its IT Enterprise Strategic Plan. This is a vital priority considering the plan provides a foundation for everything we do as an enterprise. The goal is to achieve alignment around enterprise-wide IT priorities for the next three to five years and longer-term aspirations and vision.

Our Approach

Our approach to the revised strategic plan will emphasize co-creation from the onset. In keeping with the collaborative nature of WaTech, we will reach out to a diverse group of agencies, technology and business leaders, and governance teams for their feedback, ideas, and priorities. We truly value this unique perspective to this process and will create many opportunities for engagement.

Ultimately, we will create a plan that reflects the evolving needs of our state agencies and facilitates strategic alignment across our business and IT partners. The plan will prioritize our needs and those of our residents for the next three to five years.

Strategic Planning Advisory Group

The Strategic Planning Advisory Team will engage in the co-creation approach to support planning and preparation for the strategic planning partnership and future workshop model. This team represents the business and IT voices with roles that lead governance teams, strategy, management, operations, infrastructure, data, privacy, and other core State of Washington agencies and functions. 

Inclusive Process

The strategic planning process will be an inclusive and multi-stakeholder for WaTech, complementing a period of reflection, transition, and future growth.

Our recommended process will engage leadership teams, agencies, governance teams, and key stakeholders in collaborative strategic planning workshops and activities. The process will encourage stakeholders to envision future possibilities supported by bold ideas, clear goals and priorities, and well-designed initiatives.

This proposed approach reflects our principles of co-creation and values for strategic planning to ensure WaTech’s future success.

During the coming year we will reach out to you and others on how to make your voices heard during the planning process. We want to brief you on what’s ahead and will also provide a monthly update on progress.

Proposed Timeline



Deanna Brocker
Deputy Director - Strategy & Management