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Welcome to the dog days of summer!

ADM workgroup iconOur office has kicked off the Automated Decision-making Systems (ADS) workgroup this month with two meetings under our belt.

Our first meeting reviewed the systems up for consideration by the workgroup, which include:

  • Department of Children, Youth, and Family system used to determine risk in the family child welfare system.
  • Department of Correction system used to determine risk for purposes of evaluating early release and/or sentencing.
  • Department of Social and Health Services system used for hospital admissions.

The ADS workgroup’s most recent meeting explored artificial intelligence and algorithmic bias. For more information including the workgroup charter, meeting recordings, slide decks and minutes please visit our new OPDP Projects and Initiatives webpage.

If you are interested in attending the ADS workgroup meetings, please email privacy@ocio.wa.gov to request the WebEx link.

Washington facial recognition law now in effect!

Washington’s new facial recognition law, Chapter 43.386 RCW, is now in effect. This means that pursuant to RCW 43.386.020, a state agency using or intending to develop, procure or use a facial recognition service must file with the Technology Services Board (TSB) a notice of intent to develop, procure or use a facial recognition service and specify a purpose for which the technology is to be used. A state agency may commence the accountability report once it files the notice of intent with the TSB.

The TSB is required to post the notice of intent and accountability reports submitted to it as the designated legislative authority under RCW 43.386. For further information please view our webinar, Washington’s Approach to Facial Recognition, on our Government Agency Resources page.

Presentations and webinars

Due to the other workgroup kickoffs this July for the new biennium, there will be no webinar this month. However, please stay tuned for the State Agency Privacy Forum meeting, to be held near the end of August 2021.

News items that caught OPDP’s attention this month include:

See you next month with more updates from our office!

Katy Ruckle
State Chief Privacy Officer