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Welcome to summer!

Washington’s new cybersecurity bill (SB 5432) becomes effective July 25, 2021.  Among its provisions is the requirement that public agencies enter into data sharing agreements when sharing confidential information (or information that is not subject to public disclosure).

The Office of Cybersecurity, in collaboration with our office and the state Office of the Attorney General will create a report on model data share terms and best practices later this year. Until then, agencies can use the Sample Data Share Template our office put together. The template can be modified for agency use. For additional information on the bill, please watch our webinar that we hosted with the Office of Cybersecurity on June 24, 2021. (Please also see the webinar slide deck)

Other important data share agreement resources for agencies include:

Our office is also excited to announce the Automated Decision Systems (ADS) Workgroup. We are currently working to identify members and plan to start work in July. The work group, created by budget proviso, will submit a report to the Governor and Legislature this December.

The purpose of the ADS work group is to develop recommendations for changes in state law and policy regarding the development, procurement and use of automated decision systems by public agencies. The work group will examine how to review automated decision-making systems before they’re adopted, as well as while in operation. In addition, such systems will need to be periodically audited to ensure they are fair, transparent, accountable and do not improperly advantage or disadvantage Washington residents.

News items that caught OPDP’s attention this month include:

See you next month with more updates from our office!

Katy Ruckle

State Chief Privacy Officer