This Service is subject to and governed by the Customer’s separately signed Master Services Agreement (MSA) or Customer Service Agreement (CSA) as applicable, with Consolidated Technology Services (CTS), calling itself Washington Technology Solutions or “WaTech” for short. The reference to WaTech means the same as Consolidated Technology Services. This Agreement is entered into between you and WaTech for the provision of the Small Agencies IT Services. For the purposes of this agreement “You”, “Your” and “Customer” are used interchangeably and mean the entity to which WaTech is providing service.


Active Directory: A Microsoft technology used to manage computers, users, and devices on a network providing controlled access to state resources.

Agency Procured Software: Any software an agency purchases outside the scope of service provided by WaTech.

Best Effort: Best Effort is the capabilities of the team supporting the service. For example, an agency might request the addition of custom software. Our technicians will make their best effort to accommodate, with the understanding that the outcome is not guaranteed and contingent on operational requirements, scope, and technician expertise and time commitment.

Computer: WaTech issued or managed computer, laptop, or Surface tablet.

Custom Software: Any software that has been custom built, scripted, modified or edited for a single agency or group of agencies.

Customer Hardware: Any device an agency might own which was not supplied by WaTech.

Damage: Damage incurred that is not due to normal wear and tear. Examples include but are not limited to dropping or spilling liquid on the device, unauthorized tampering, closing laptop lids with objects not cleared, dirt or debris, etc.

eClient Infrastructure: Enterprise Client (eClient) is an enterprise level domain that serves as the underlying architecture that enables agencies to securely function and access state resources.

Employee or Staff: Any individual that is paid as an employee of the state of Washington. A contractor is not considered an employee or staff.

Enpoint Devices: Devices such as desktops, laptops or smartphones.

Exchange Services: The sending or receiving of email for an individual of an agency.

Hardware: The devices provided to an agency from WaTech to perform job functions or connectivity to the state’s network. Examples of hardware are laptops, desktops, routers, switches, projectors, mouse or monitors.

Infrastructure: Any hardware, peripherals, platforms, connectivity or other systems that WaTech will provide support for within an agency.

Leased Software: Any software not provided by WaTech and is requested from an agency to be installed on an approved hardware device. Leased software is paid for by the requesting agency to WaTech and installed by WaTech for the usage of the product.

Local Area Network (LAN): A group of connected devices within a physical location such as a building. LANs are connected together to form a Wide Area Network (WAN).

State Government Network (SGN): A secure network connecting state agencies together and providing access to the internet. The SGN is a type of WAN.

Microsoft 365 (M365): Microsoft’s Cloud based (Software as a Service) productivity suite that includes Office 365, Windows 10, along with mobility and security options. The service also includes applications and services like Email, Online Archive, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams and Planner.

Onsite Support: In person support by WaTech staff at the official office location.

A.  Service Description

The WaTech Small Agency IT Service is a service tailored to small agencies within Washington state who do not have the technical staff to manage and administer technology needs and requirements. Through this model, small agencies can benefit from a centralized service that provides core technical support, equipment and administration. As the service matures and expands, the Terms of Service will be updated as needed.

As this service is provided through an allocation, current and future services will align with this directive. Technical professionals will provide guidance to agencies to assist with onboarding to these services.

The WaTech Small Agency IT Service is a suite of common services to address the general information technology needs of smaller agencies. To provide a consistent experience, agencies must meet the following requirements. WaTech will assist agencies meet these requirements if needed.

  • An agency must be part of the Smalls Allocation.
  • An agency must be part of the Secure Government Network (SGN).
  • An agency must migrate to the eClient infrastructure.
  • An agency must be part of the Enterprise Active Directory (EAD).

Scope of Service

  1. Infrastructure

    Infrastructure Management provides core IT infrastructure required to provide a fundamental IT environment.
    1. Active Directory: Creates and manages user and agency identities within the Enterprise environment, stores information about user accounts, and enables other authorized users on the same network to access this information. Establishes guidelines of operations to maintain standardization, security protections, permissions and monitoring.
    2. Exchange Services: Provides agency-level technical support for the Enterprise Exchange service enabling enterprise email.
    3. Skype for Business/Teams Services: Provides agency-level technical support for the Enterprise Skype or Teams service enabling chat, online meetings and communications. (Note: Skype is being replaced by Teams and as such Skype is scheduled for decommission by June 2022.)
    4. Endpoint Management and health: Provides and maintain the overall health of the endpoint device.
    5. Endpoint Security Management: Applies best practices and endpoint defensive software and processes to mitigate vulnerabilities to the endpoint device.
    6. Storage Platform: Provides a platform for data storage for general data. The storage platform is not intended for use by application databases.
    7. Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM): Automated verification process for user access to electronic resources.
  2. Computers:
    1. Computer: Provided
      1. One per agency employee.
      2. Choice between laptop, desktop or tablet.
      3. Approved standardized models only.
    2. Computer: Special Requirements (higher specifications)
      1. Higher specification requirements above the standard model will be given an allowance based on the standard computer cost.
      2. All cost above the standard amount will be the responsibility of the Customer.
    3. Computer: Additional
      1. Additional computers are any computer not designated for an agency employee.
      2. Cost for additional computers required beyond the one per employee are the responsibility of the Customer.
      3. Additional computers that are expected to be managed by WaTech will be purchased by WaTech and invoiced to the Customer.
      4. Loaner computers may be available for short-term usage (no longer than a two-month period).
      5. Additional computers might include, but not limited to:
        1. Conference rooms.
        2. Temporary Interns.
        3. Contractors.
        4. Kiosks.
    4. Computer: Replacement
      1. Computers will be replaced per the State Administrative and Accounting Manual (SAAM).
      2. Computers that are within their lifecycle per SAAM but are damaged, lost, or stolen will be the responsibility of the Customer to reimburse WaTech for the cost at a depreciated rate.
      3. If the Customer requests a computer replacement that is still within the lifecycle but undamaged, the Customer will be responsible for the full cost of the new device.
  3. Peripherals:
    1. Monitors: up to two (2) monitors provided per employee.
    2. Keyboard: one standard keyboard provided per employee.
    3. Mouse: one standard mouse provided per employee.
    4. Docking station: one docking/port replicator station provided for laptops and tablets only.
    5. Power supplies:
      1. Laptops: two power supplies (one for docking station and one for travel).
      2. Desktops: one power supply.
    6. All other peripherals will be the responsibility of the Customer to purchase.
      1. WaTech review: to ensure your peripheral will be compatible with the device provided, submit a ticket for review.

        Examples would include the following:

        • Printers
        • Monitors
        • Port replicators
        • Power supplies (for computers)
        • Scanner
        • Audio/visual (projectors, etc.)
        • External cameras
        • Multi-function devices (leased office printers)

      2. Items not validated for compatibility will be best effort or no support.
      3. Items that do not normally require validation for compatibility maybe items such as:

        • Printers
        • USB
        • Headsets
        • Monitor arms or stands
        • Batteries
        • Power supplies (other than for computers)
        • IT cables (HDMI, Display, VGA, etc.)
        • CD/DVD players
        • Glare covers
        • Keyboards (regular, Bluetooth, ergonomic, etc.)

    7. Software:

      WaTech provides endpoint enterprise software.
      1. The following software is included in this service:
        1. Microsoft Operating System.
        2. Microsoft Office 365 G5 license.
      2. Customer Procured Software:
        1. Customers are to abide by the approved software list. If a Customer requests software to be introduced into the environment, a review of security, legal and technical compatibility must be approved. Software that is approved via the review process may subsequently be added to the approved software list.
        2. For all other software required by the Customer, the responsibility for compatibility with the infrastructure environment will be the Customer’s. Further, the Customer will be responsible for procurement and must coordinate installation and management with WaTech.

          Coordination will include but is not limited to the following:
          1. Identifying the Customer’s authorized users and deployment support.
          2. WaTech will deploy software utilizing enterprise solutions (if applicable) upon customer request and submission of supporting information (example: licensing key).
        3. Customer will be responsible for the product life cycle for the unique software that the Customer’s agency purchases and consumes. Customer will ensure all software stays up to date and compatible with current technologies and adheres to guidance for end of life support from the vendor and Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) policy 186. Software which falls outside of compliance or security parameters due to end of life or termination of support for the product will be removed from the environment with the coordination of the agency requesting the use of the software.
        4. Agencies can lease certain software licenses from WaTech for agency and user consumption.
    8. Local Area Network:

      For each supported customer location, WaTech will maintain and refresh Local Area Network (LAN) switching equipment as needed to ensure connectivity. The allocation will include connectivity starting at the connection point to the SGN in the Customer building to the Customer’s workspace. LAN services will include the following:
      1. WaTech owned and operated LAN switch and UPS not to be used for any other purpose.
      2. One-time costs for LAN equipment, patch cables, wiring fees and labor required for onboarding new customers.
      3. Support for wireless connections (for agencies purchasing WaTech wireless service).
      The allocation does not include the following:
      1. Additional or new construction such as adding staff, remodels, moves, building rewiring, or that which is the responsibility of the Customer unless otherwise agreed upon by all involved parties.
      2. Wireless services. The cost of the WaTech Wireless Service is not included as part of the Small Agency IT Support Services.
    9. Support:
      1. Support at the request of the Customer:
        1. Service Request: For general assistance please open a service request with the WaTech Support Center through support@watech.wa.gov or by phone 360-586-1000 / toll free is 1-855-WaTech1 (1-855-928-3241).
        2. Incident Request: For assistance with situations that result in an inability to perform work duties please open an incident request with the WaTech Support Center through support@watech.wa.gov or by phone 360-586-1000 / toll free is 1-855-WaTech1 (1-855-928-3241). All tickets will be triaged and prioritized.
      2. Small Agency IT Services team
        1. The WaTech Small Agency IT Services team will act as the liaison between the Customer and other WaTech Services if that service directly connects or interacts with the eClient environment. Example services include email, Skype/Teams, and network connectivity. For this liaison role, Small Agency IT Services will have the following responsibilities:
          1. Troubleshooting.
          2. Inquiries.
          3. Assisting with new services setups for services that directly connects or interacts with the eClient environment.
          4. Assistance with completing the annual IT reporting as required by the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO).

            Note: The Small Agency IT Services team cannot sign agreements or contracts on the Customer’s behalf.
        2. The Small Agency IT Services team will provide management of the eClient Infrastructure elements:
          1. eClient server environment management.
          2. eClient storage platform management.
          3. eClient Active Directory management.
          4. eClient permissions / security management.
          5. eClient device management.
          6. eClient network management.
        3. The scope of support provided across the services offered will be as follows:
          1. Support of standard software licensed by WaTech includes:
            1. Installation.
            2. Setup.
            3. Troubleshooting.
            4. Patching (monthly and emergency).
            5. Plan, procure, manage, and dispose.
            6. Expertise on the actual usage and functionality of the software is not provided.
          2. Non-standard software (best effort) support includes:
            1. Installation.
            2. Setup.
            3. Basic troubleshooting.
            4. Additional configuration that requires expertise on the non-standard software is not provided.
          3. Agency Procured Software and Applications:
            1. Basic endpoint client installation.
            2. Basic troubleshooting as it relates to the WaTech infrastructure and device management.
            3. Expertise on the actual usage and functionality of the software is not provided.
            4. Additional configuration that requires expertise on the non-standard software is not provided.
          4. Hardware support (WaTech equipment) includes:
            1. Installation.
            2. Troubleshooting.
            3. Repair, rebuild or replace.
            4. Media cleansing and disposal.
            5. Plan, procure and manage.
          5. Hardware support (customer equipment) WaTech supported, includes:
            1. Installation or setup (depending on equipment).
            2. Troubleshooting.
            3. Repair (best effort).
          6. Hardware support (customer equipment) not WaTech supported, includes:
            1. Limited assistance to non-WaTech owned equipment.
            2. Best effort or no support.
          7. All support may be provided via remote technology, except under the following circumstances:
            1. WaTech supported device failures require onsite pickup or repair.
            2. Inability for the device to connect to the network or internet.
            3. Installation of a new device.
            4. Issues cannot be resolved remotely as determined by WaTech technician.
          8. Conference Room support:
            1. Support for WaTech managed equipment.
            2. Limited assistance to non-WaTech owned equipment.
            3. Setup is the responsibility of the Customer, to include providing the necessary cabling to the user.
            4. Audio/visual cabling or replacement is the responsibility of the Customer.
            5. Audio/visual cabling or replacement is the responsibility of the Customer.
            6. Audio/visual equipment troubleshooting will be best effort.
          9. Special Event Support:
            1. Limited support depending on staffing availability.
            2. Loaner computers may be available for short-term usage.
            3. Additional equipment required will be the responsibility of the Customer to provide.
            4. Audio/visual cabling will be the responsibility of the Customer.
            5. Audio/visual equipment troubleshooting will be best effort.

    B.  Service and Support Availability


    Support for the desktop, applications, LAN, and other devices are provided with an expected availability of 99% during normal business hours.

    1. Standard Office Hours for Support Center: Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

    2. After Hours, Weekends and Holidays: After-hours availability is limited to emergency, outages, incidents, or major planned service changes, which affect the entire eClient environment. After-Hours Response Teams respond to critical technical issues related to WaTech Services that occur outside of normal business hours. Individual support is available at 6 a.m. the next business day.

    3. Standard Maintenance: Generally, scheduled maintenance activities will occur outside of regular business hours and are designed to have the least amount of impact as possible to customers. Maintenance events allow WaTech to address important activities such as hardware and software upgrades, software patches, faulty hardware replacement, security patches, and application changes. Users of service may experience down time during maintenance windows. Agencies may be expected to shut down systems or leave systems online for updates and patches to take place.
      1. Maintenance notifications will be posted at support.watech.wa.gov. Customers can sign up to receive updates via email by registering on watech.wa.gov or contacting your WaTech Customer Account Manager (CAM) for instructions.
      2. When possible, WaTech will inform impacted customers at least five business days in advance or more. In the event a planned maintenance event will impact critical agency business functions, please notify the WaTech Support Center so we can reschedule around that activity.
      3. All scheduled outages will be reviewed and approved through the WaTech Change Advisory Board.
      4. In every instance, WaTech will attempt to combine changes to minimize disruption to the Customer’s business.
    4. Unplanned/Emergency Maintenance: Occasionally, technicians will be required to perform emergency maintenance to adhere to security policies. Agencies will be provided as much notice as possible before emergency maintenance is performed. Maintenance changes that are unplanned or emergency in nature will be posted at support.watech.wa.gov. WaTech will send an email notification to the appropriate distribution lists for impacted customers. Status on outages are available on support.watech.wa.gov.

    C.  Charges

    Agencies will be required to pay for all licenses or subscription to services outside of this TOS.

    The following items are examples of services not covered within this agreement:

    • Agency’s monthly O365 Shared Tenant fees.
    • Agency’s monthly email charges.
    • Agency’s monthly Skype charges.
    • Agency’s monthly Enterprise Vault licenses.
    • Agency’s monthly storage of records within the Nearline (Vault) Storage.
    • Hosting service fees for servers in the Washington State Cloud.
    • Maintenance of Agency’s servers not with the Washington State Cloud (physical servers in the state data center, an agency’s data center, or in a private cloud).
    • Agency’s monthly Wireless service.
    • Agency’s monthly Mobile Device Management (MDM) service.
    • Agency’s monthly Virtual Private Network (VPN) service.
    • Connections to Public Cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

    D.  WaTech Responsibilities

    1. Technical Support - The WaTech Support Center

      The WaTech Support Center is the central location for obtaining information, reporting issues, or general assistance for all WaTech services. The Support Center team will open a services request or incident and work to resolve technical issues or provide information as appropriate. In the event the Support Center team cannot directly assist, they will collect the necessary data to communicate with the appropriate WaTech service to complete the request.

      Phone: 360-586-1000 or 1-855-WaTech1 (1-855-928-3241).

    2. Email: Support@WaTech.wa.gov

      All requests will be triaged in accordance to severity:

      Severity Level Definitions Severity Rating  
      1. Statewide services unavailable. Emergency Impacts that affect multiple agencies.
      2. Entire agency or building services unavailable. Emergency Impacts that affect entire agencies or buildings.
      3. Security events Emergency / Critical Emergency measures will be implemented for events that threaten the security of our customers and will take the highest precedence.
      4. Large group impacts. High Impacts that affect large groups such as: building floors, divisions, groups, teams, etc.
      5. Key user(s) experience work stoppage causing loss of revenue or the ability to deliver important services. High  
      6. Partial work stoppage or workaround/ alternate process/equipment available. Medium  
      7. No work stoppage, but equipment/network not working as expected. Low  
      8. General inquiries. Low  

    3. Line of Business Applications or Processes:

      Consultation with WaTech is required with any systems or services the Customer is pursuing that may be dependent upon or will interact with existing WaTech systems or services. Such consultation will help ensure the Customer’s acquisitions are compatible with the current infrastructure and compliant with state policy.

    E.  Customer Responsibilities


    The Customer, in partnership with WaTech, can optimize the experience and reduce or minimize preventable incidents by:

    1. Being a solution-focused partner in WaTech’s efforts to provide service and response to incidents.
    2. Providing subject matter expertise to projects the Customer initiates to ensure WaTech can gain an understanding of the business context, processes and requirements necessary to ensure project success.
    3. Contacting the Support Center as soon as possible for assistance if the Customer is taking on any effort that relies on or could affect WaTech infrastructure or resources or has critical deadlines that require WaTech involvement.
    4. Engaging in and promoting safe computing practices.
    5. Connecting only WaTech-issued or supported devices to any WaTech computer or wall jack. WaTech wireless services are the exception.
    6. Reporting unauthorized use of computing devices on the WaTech network, or suspicious activity the Customer becomes aware of, or has reason to believe is suspect in relation to technology or services WaTech provides to the Customer, or if the Customer believes state devices in the Customer’s control may have been compromised via phishing, a Trojan, or similar effort.
    7. Using only approved and encrypted external storage devices (hard drive/USB drive).
    8. Storing final copies of data on available network resources. WaTech does not backup local hard drives so recovery services will not available for data stored there.
    9. Providing WaTech access to areas where WaTech equipment is located for service and/or asset management activities.
    10. Coordinating with WaTech for physical relocation of workstation hardware, peripherals or shared printers/multi-function devices.
    11. For Laptop Users:
      1. Contacting the Support Center immediately if the BitLocker prompt is not the first thing seen every time the Customer’s device starts or restarts.
      2. Locking the laptop in the trunk of the vehicle when in transit and taking care not to leave it anywhere in the car unattended.
      3. Reporting any theft or loss to the Support Center immediately and participating in WaTech Loss Reporting efforts.
      4. Contacting the Support Center immediately if the laptop is ever severely damaged.
      5. Contacting the Support Center at least two weeks in advance of any International travel to make necessary provisions which may include the substitution of a loaner laptop (and instructions) for use while traveling.
    12. Contacting the Support Center as soon as possible when the Customer knows there will be an equipment change or installation. WaTech will connect printers, plotters, and copier devices to the local network and make them available as a shared resource, if applicable.
    13. Informing third-party providers that they are prohibited from connecting, reconnecting, or servicing any WaTech equipment for any reason unless agreed to by WaTech.
    14. Minimizing the use of elevated privileges except when there is a well-defined business need and it does not compromise the integrity of the eClient environment.

    F.  Special Terms

    All services provided are to be within the scope/limitations of the allocation model. These terms can and will be adjusted based on funding received within this allocation.

    1. ACCEPTABLE USE: The Customer agrees to provide notice to the Customer’s employees and users, and obtain acceptance from Service users to the Acceptable Use Policy set forth below, the terms of which are incorporated herein for reference:
      1. Copyright law protects computer software, databases, and electronic documents. A copyright is a work of authorship in a tangible medium. Copyright owners have the sole right to reproduce their work, prepare derivatives or adaptations of it, distribute it by sale, rent, license lease, or lending, and/or to perform or display it. Users must either have an express or implied license to use copyrighted material or data or be able to prove fair use. Users of computers are responsible for understanding how copyright law applies to their electronic transactions.
      2. The Customer agrees to comply with all applicable software licenses and understands that software may not be copied, transferred, or otherwise used in violation of such terms and conditions. Downloading or distributing copyrighted materials such as documents, movies, music, etc., without the permission of the rightful owner may be considered copyright infringement, which is illegal under federal copyright law. Use of the equipment to commit acts of copyright infringement may be subject to prosecution and disciplinary action. The penalties for infringing on copyright law can be found under the U.S. Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. §§ 501–518 (http://www.copyright.gov/title17/92chap5.html) and in the U.S. Copyright Office’s summary of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (http://www.copyright.gov/legislation/dmca.pdf).
      3. The Customer will not use peer-to-peer file sharing programs such as LimeWire, KaZaA, Gnutella, Morpheus, BitTorrent, or similar programs on any equipment provided under this TOS and will not download or share files in violation of that material’s copyright protection.
      4. The Customer will not access, download, print, or store information with sexually explicit content as prohibited by law or policy.
      5. The Customer will not download or transmit fraudulent, threatening, obscene, intimidating, defamatory, harassing, discriminatory, or otherwise unlawful messages or images.
      6. The Customer will not upload or download copyrighted materials or proprietary agency information contrary to the applicable law or policy.
      7. The Customer will not send email anonymously, or by using another’s identity or assumed name.
      8. The Customer will not attempt to intercept or read messages not intended specifically for them.
      9. The Customer will not intentionally develop or experiment with malicious programs (viruses, worms, spyware, keystroke loggers, phishing software, Trojan horses, etc.) on any equipment.
      10. The Customer will not knowingly propagate malicious programs.
      11. The Customer will not permit the equipment to be used in violation of any law, to be operated in a reckless or abusive manner, or tamper with any hardware within the equipment. The Customer shall comply with all applicable copyright and other regulations regarding the software.
      12. The Customer will not use equipment and software in any way that violates ethical obligations, including but not limited to support for any commercial venture for personal financial gain.
    2. ASSET OWNERSHIP: Equipment and software provided via this service is the property of WaTech and part of the global asset pool. When a user leaves their position, their pc/laptop will be collected, wiped, reimaged and put back into the pool to be reassigned. In cases where the Customer pays for equipment associated with this service (e.g. non-standard equipment, out-of-band upgrade, multiple PCs for one user) ownership remains with the Customer. If the Customer requests asset reassignment, WaTech will assign the asset to the Customer’s new designated end-user. If the asset is left without an end-user custodian and has not been immediately reassigned or has no plan to be reassigned within 14 calendar days, it may be pulled and securely stored to protect the asset until such time that a new end-user can assume responsibility for it.
    3. CONTENT DISCLAIMER: The Internet contains materials that the Customer may find objectionable or offensive. WaTech does not publish or control, nor are we responsible or liable for, any third-party information, content, services, products, software or other material that can be accessed through the Service. The Customer is solely responsible for evaluating the accuracy, completeness, and usefulness of all services, products and other information, and the quality and merchantability, accuracy, timeliness or delivery of such services, products and other information. The Customer is responsible for paying any charges that the Customer incurs from third parties through the Customer’s use of the Service and understands that personal information may be available to third parties the Customer accessed through the Service.
    4. GOOD FAITH COLLABORATION: For WaTech equipment – including that described in Item 2 of Special Terms – which is in the Customer’s care, custody, or control: the Customer agrees to fully reimburse WaTech for its expenses associated with making the Customer whole after a loss when WaTech has acted in the Customer’s best interest by providing new equipment to the Customer on an expedited basis to mitigate interruption to the Customer’s business. A loss will be due to fire, theft, collision, earthquake, flooding, mysterious disappearance, accidental breakage, or another casualty, whether on or off the Customer’s premise. Any equipment that is in the care, custody, or control of WaTech is exempt from this clause.
    5. PRIVACY AND SECURITY: WaTech systems transmit voice and data communications over a complex network. The privacy and security of such voice and data transmissions cannot be guaranteed. The Customer acknowledges that the Service is not inherently secure, and further understands that wireless communications can be intercepted by equipment and software designed for that purpose. WaTech is not liable to the Customer or any other party for any lack of privacy the Customer experiences while using the Service.
    6. PROHIBITED USE: In using any of the Services, the Customer and the Customer’s users shall not: (i) disrupt or interfere with the security or use of any of the Services; (ii) violate any applicable laws, statutes, rules, or regulations; or (iii) assist any third party in engaging in any activity prohibited by these Terms.
    7. REPLACEMENTS/REPAIRS: While on the Customer’s premise, the Customer agrees that the Customer is fully liable for loss or damage to WaTech-owned equipment due to negligence or intention unless loss or damage is caused by the actions of a WaTech employee.
    8. SOFTWARE LICENSING: WaTech will obtain software licenses, for the software included as part of this service, on the Customer’s behalf and pass the end-user License Agreement directly through to the Customer. The Customer is required to adhere to all applicable end-user Licenses provided by WaTech. WaTech will maintain an inventory of all software licenses purchase.
    9. THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE: All software must be genuine software, installed and used according to the applicable software license.
    10. CONFIDENTIALITY: WaTech recognizes that much of our customer’s data is highly confidential and WaTech takes all appropriate steps to protect it. This includes requiring all WaTech staff and contractors to sign a confidentiality agreement upon employment. Within that agreement, staff and contractors agree to the understanding that ALL data they will be given access to should be considered confidential and is not to be accessed or disclosed except in direct relation to their assigned responsibilities. They further attest to understanding that the unauthorized disclosure or abuse of information deemed private and confidential may subject them to penalties and other applicable sanctions under state and federal law and may constitute grounds for disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

    G.  Contact information


    WaTech Support Center
    Email: Support@watech.wa.gov
    Phone: 360-586-1000 or toll free 1-855-WaTech1 (1-855-928-3241)