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WaTech is announcing rate adjustments to four of the agency's services. The new rate structure reflects a careful review and evaluation of each of their services with a focus on core services, three of which are currently not cost recoverable.

The table below illustrates these rate changes:

Service Name

Current Rate

Approved Rate Change

Effective date

Centrex Services


$45 per line / month


Wireless Service

$35.00 Per access point / month

$50 per access point / month


Office VPN


$285 per tunnel / month + one-time $500 set up


Desktop Support Services

$5,000 per device / year

$3,500 per device / year



What can you do to prepare for this rate change?

WaTech understands some of these rate increases will directly affect agencies that consume the services above.   

We offer the following to assist in identifying the potential impacts so agencies can make data driven decisions:

  • Agencies can also review your current inventory, work with WaTech service owners to research, and possibly reduce the amount of services consumed to mitigate the financial affect to your agency.

Who can you contact if you have questions?