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Washington Technology Solutions (WaTech) is an agency in transformation. The Gartner report issued a challenge to the agency to deliver more value to our customers and the state of Washington. In order to meet that challenge, we needed to better define our core business and streamline our focus so that we can deliver IT services that make sense for Washington.

WaTech began its strategic planning in 2019, developing the Strategic Roadmap and publishing it on Aug. 1, 2019. The Strategic Roadmap is the blueprint that guides the agency's work and purpose to improve the agency, rebuild trust with our customers, and deliver value to Washington state.

As a result of the Strategic Roadmap planning in 2019, WaTech established the agency’s future focus in alignment with these core business areas:

  • Architecture and policy
  • Portfolio management and project oversight
  • Security services
  • Identity and access management
  • Network and telephony services
  • Small agency support

These focus areas will serve as the agency’s policy and operational goals and guide our efforts moving forward. Along with the initiatives outlined in the Strategic Roadmap, these strategic priorities will transform, modernize, and greatly improve our ability to manage the state’s progressively diverse IT landscape.

WaTech Strategic Roadmap

WaTech Strategic Plan 

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