ECCP Update June 2023

  • Statewide cloud strategy: The ECCP has published the Washington State Cloud Smart Strategy. It is available as a resource on the ECCP website.
  • Cloud Capability Model (CCM) Project: Planet completed initial data collection and recommendations. The CCM tool has been moved from PowerPoint to SharpCloud.   
  • Cloud Government Network Project: This project is now underway and in the first phase of creating a network solution that will allow the state to traverse public cloud providers without having to be forced tunneled back to on-premises and then to the specific cloud vendor. This network design will also have up-to-date security control measures to ensure a secure enclave for the state.
  • Workforce Training: The ECCP is partnering with Washington State Human Resources to develop cloud-related personas. An initial list of 8-10 personas to create has been identified.