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OneNet and The State Interoperability Executive Committee (SIEC) have established a Stakeholder Committee, Technical Committee, and Operational Committee to assist with outreach and data collection and to provide network design recommendations for Washington OneNet (WON).

Stakeholder Committee
The Washington OneNet (WON) Stakeholder Committee is comprised of state, local, and tribal officials and leaders who are subject matter experts in how their agencies operate both in response to daily incidents and during disasters. The Stakeholder Committee shall provide input on public policy; regulatory impediments; and political, cultural, and economic opportunities and barriers. This group will help define and identify potential users and establish network prioritization.

The Stakeholder Committee will provide input to the SIEC, OneNet, and FirstNet regarding matters related to the design of a statewide wireless broadband network dedicated to public safety. This input will result in a State Plan for FirstNet in Washington.
The Stakeholder Committee will consider factors such as:

  • Coverage maps (existing and needed)
  • Incident types and locations
  • Devices and device form factors
  • Device capabilities
  • Types of users to be allowed access to the network
  • Cost of service, devices, apps, and other cost factors
  • Phased build-out of the network
  • Governance and management of the network including provisioning and training of users, apps, and devices
  • Which apps should be available on the network and standardization for statewide use

Technical Committee
The Washington OneNet Technical Committee serves as the state's subject matter experts to advise and assist with designing FirstNet in Washington, including technical details necessary to deploy, operate, and manage the network.

The Technical Committee is comprised of industry and technology professionals from local, state, and tribal entities as well as, professionals from compatible commercial industries with an understanding of systems data interoperability. In order to address all aspects of an interoperable, statewide network, the Technical Committee will work closely with the SIEC, OneNet, FirstNet's local team, and the Stakeholder and Operational committees to build a State Plan for FirstNet in Washington.

The Technical Committee will provide input on and consider factors such as:

  • Throughput and bandwidth in general and specifically as they relate to coverage
  • Interface specifications and standards for the network and devices
  • Evolution roadmap of LTE and FirstNet in Washington
  • Technical details of priority management
  • Deployables which potentially bring additional coverage during major incidents or bring coverage in remote areas; this specifically includes the potential use of evolved packet cores in remote areas
  • Application performance, behavior, and testing

Operational Committee

The Operational Committee will explore and make recommendations to the SIEC regarding operational aspects of FirstNet's dedicated Public Safety Wireless Broadband Network in Washington State.

Members of the Operational Committee will be selected based on background and experience with large scale and/or significant incidents. The Operational Committee will take advantage of the experience, background, and training of its members to work closely with the SIEC, OneNet, FirstNet's local team, and the Stakeholder and Technical committees to build a State Plan for FirstNet in Washington.
The Operational Committee will consider issues such as:

  • Operations and unified command at incident scenes
  • Network management/prioritization during critical incidents and normal use
  • Use of multi-disciplinary applications and FirstNet at real-life incidents
  • Establishing operational guidelines when interfacing with local, state, federal, and military entities
Updated January 28, 2015
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