Data Privacy Week 2023

Data Privacy Week helps spread awareness about online privacy and educates people on how to manage their personal information and keep it secure. The celebration culminates with Data Privacy Day on Jan. 28.

Gov. Jay Inslee has proclaimed Jan. 28 as Data Privacy Day in Washington state. To celebrate and recognize Privacy Week, the Washington State Office of the Attorney General (AGO) is holding a webinar on Tuesday Jan. 24 about its recent Data Privacy Report. The webinar will review the latest data breach statistics - the AGO received 150 data breach notifications in 2022, the second highest recorded amount since 2016 - as well their recommendations for protecting personal information.

In addition, WaTech's State Office of Privacy and Data Protection (OPDP) is posting three Privacy Minute videos with quick information and tips on how to protect your privacy. OPDP is also hosting a an online Kahoot! data privacy quiz game on Friday, Jan. 27.

Webinar on AGO Data Breach Report

Webinar on Health Data Privacy

Kahoot! privacy quiz

  • Date: Friday, Jan. 27
  • Time: 10-10:45 a.m.
  • Miss today's game? Play the quiz here!
  • Host: State Chief Privacy Officer Katy Ruckle

Privacy Minutes:

  • You're Leaving Footprints: Will Saunders, Washington Dept. of Liscensing's Data Stewardship and Privacy Administrator, explains how you leave digital footprints every time you go online.
  • Privacy Requires Work: Katy Ruckle, Washington State Chief Privacy Officer, explains how you protecting your privacy requires work.
  • Search is Improving: In today's Privacy Minute, Sofiya Ahmed, Privacy and Data Protection Manager at WaTech, explains that just because something can't be found today doesn't mean it can't be found tomorrow

Data Privacy Resources: