Geospatial Program Operations

The Office of the Chief Information Officer has instituted a mandate to satisfy RCW 43.105.355, a bill that finds government records and information to be a vital resource to both the public and government operations.

The provision of open geospatial information is a priority for the State of Washington, which has determined data to be a foundation for citizen engagement, government transparency, and improved decision-making. At a statewide level, the Geospatial Program Office provides an umbrella opportunity for agencies and municipalities to utilize GIS to generate new knowledge frameworks and more effectively administer public services. Additionally, the GPO coordinates with other agencies to facilitate collective management of WAMAS and Statewide Orthoimagery Services. Though unavailable directly through the portal, these services are intergovernmental public goods and reduce overall taxpayer data expenditures.

Multi-agency coordination reduces data duplication and highlights regions that may have uneven GIS data coverage. A singular interface streamlines maintenance, promotes consistent metadata, and ensures sustainable access. Since the data is open for all agency, business, community organization or individual to use, the database can become a catalyst for innovation and solution toolbox. Accessible geospatial data saves repeated expense from government agencies and their contractors, without sacrificing quality.

GIS Contracting Options