IT Project Oversight Transformation

Project complete September 30, 2023

Summary of success for the Oversight Transformation project

IT project oversight is integrated, streamlined, and focused on the highest value to ensure the best use of resources to support on-time, on-budget IT projects that deliver planned outcomes.

Go-live date

Sept. 30, 2023

Project Highlights

The project team worked diligently to improve oversight processes and templates, and to increase collaboration and partnership with agency partners.

Project wins include:

  • The ITPA has been modified and replaced with a tiering assessment that aligns oversight investment and required deliverables based on the tiering outcome.
  • Updates to the following processes:
    • Intake
    • Technology budget
    • Project charter
    • Investment plan and approval
  • Development of an Oversight Early Engagement Model.
  • IT Investments Approval & Oversight Policy (PM-01) establishes the roles and responsibilities of the OCIO and state agencies in the planning and implementation of major IT investments. It seeks to ensure the success and transparency of all business-driven major IT investments through a relevant and responsive evaluation, in tandem with an approval and monitoring process beginning early in the project’s lifecycle. 
  • Quality Assurance Policy (PM-03) lays out the minimum requirements for independent project quality assurance. The greatest value of QA is realized when they are present at all stages of a project, from feasibility through implementation.

Project Impact

  • Implementation of a more customer-focused oversight process and service delivery model.
  • Addresses existing organizational and process gaps by ensuring a more seamless communications workflow while applying modern planning tools and industry best practices. 
  • Provides the best customer experience possible through continuous engagement and process improvement. 
  • Enhances a system of accountability within the authorizing environment. 
  • Improves strategic alignment of partner agency business goals with Oversight activities. 
  • Transforms Oversight service and delivery. 
  • Champions industry best practices for governance, performance, and accountability.  
  • Provides evidence-based thought leadership and guidance on industry best practices, standards, performance criteria and metrics. 

Next Steps

A detailed roadmap and operations plan has been developed to ensure a seamless transition to operations and a plan for continuous improvements.


We would like to extend our gratitude to the steering committee and project team members who played a critical role in the success of this project. Their hard work, expertise, and dedication made this achievement possible, and we are so grateful for their exceptional contributions!