Agile Fridays: A Training Series on Agile Development

The Agile Fridays Story

Agile practices are changing how organizations deliver customer visible value. Around the world, Agile allows public and private enterprises to deliver value sooner in smaller increments, make customers happier by responding quickly to change, and maintain happier and more productive product teams.

Practicing Agile within the State of Washington becomes more and more common every year, with more state employees than ever before interested in the value Agile can bring to the people they serve.

Now, State of Washington IT employees can participate in a regular web training series to learn more about Agile - what it is, how to get started, and best practices - led by experienced practitioners in the private and public sectors.

Agile Fridays will feature a one hour online course on select Fridays from 11:00am-12:00pm, starting March 14th. Content will be offered for all agile skill levels - from beginner to advanced practitioners.

More information on how to register for Agile Fridays and how to join the State of Washington Agile Community of Practice available here.

Typical format for each online course will be 30min presentation, 30min Q&A. The online course will be in webinar format.

Agile Fridays is a collaboration between the Office of the CIO and Results Washington.

Courses are added and updated regularly. Most current schedule is posted below:


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