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CERT Security Assessment

The ability to know your organizational cybersecurity risk is critical for reducing your exposure. The OCS Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) performs security assessments of your organizations assets to provide you with an understanding of your vulnerabilities, system hardening, and issues. The work performed is as an extension of your organization’s own resources to provide your management with reporting information for risk mitigation planning.Read more

Fortress Anonymous

Fortress Anonymous provides a secure access connection to public data, when the integrity and availability of the data must be protected from targeted attack. By masking the IP addresses to protect the source data from being exposed to the public Internet and potential targeted attack, Fortress Anonymous protects the state’s assets that are behind the secured gateway.

Fortress Anonymous also provides encryption between the service and the end user accessing the information so that...Read more

Internal Certificate Authority

The Internal Certificate Authority was created as part of the decision package for the Integration Competency Center and provides digital certificates for use inside the State Governmental Network to address the need to protect data in transit. The Secure Gateway Services group provides the Internal Certificate Authority service.

The Internal Certificate Authority provides a Certificate Revocation List (CRL) which allows systems to validate that a certificate has not been revoked and...Read more

Logging and Monitoring

The Logging & Monitoring service provides a Security Information Event Management (SIEM) platform for use in monitoring targeted network, systems, applications, and security log sources.  This centralized visibility enables reporting and alerts on abnormal traffic detection in near real time. By monitoring and tracking system events, your agency will be better equipped to identify indicators of compromise and take action for incident response.Read more

Managed Firewall

Managed Firewalls protect your network from unauthorized access and malicious attacks. Firewalls are the critical gateway into a network, and firewalls managed by WaTech come with the highest degree of attention and expertise to protect critical agency assets and provide peace of mind.

Managed Firewall services are available in two categories:

  • WaTech-Managed Firewalls are a fully managed firewall solution, including policy and configuration. The service is tailored to
  • ...Read more

Secure File Transfer

Data can be transferred securely between any two online locations with Secure File Transfer (SFT). Encryption-based SFT is a turnkey solution that delivers security, reliability and performance at competitive pricing.Read more

Secure Web Proxy (formerly Enterprise Forward Proxy)

The Secure Web Proxy service is an outbound Internet traffic proxy which provides content analysis and filtering. The service is available to agencies connected to the State Government Network. This service provides high-availability in Olympia with future plans to support business continuity in Eastern Washington. The service supports delegated partitions and administration which provides agencies the ability to control their own agency level configurations.Read more

SecureAccess Washington

SecureAccess Washington® provides self-administered single sign-on access to multiple agency applications, shields online services from harmful activity, and allows access only to known users.

To use a service or application protected by SecureAccess Washington®, you must provide a user ID and password – its authentication mechanism. The agency owner of the service is responsible for allowing or denying access and for verifying individuals' identities.

Some agencies...Read more

Security Design Review

The state Office of Cyber Security (OCS) Security Design Review process provides agencies with a security assessment of their new or updated systems and infrastructure, and works with agencies to make sure security controls and processes are in compliance with the state’s IT security standards. This supports agency business objectives by helping ensure services are securely configured prior to being deployed.

Security Design Reviews are required when an agency project or initiative...Read more

Strong Authentication

WaTech Strong Authentication service provides a way to positively identify users with a two-part authentication process. The authentication process uses one item that users know – a PIN – and one item that users have – a token to provide a one-time password. This provides a much stronger and more reliable level of authentication than a password.

This service can be used to positively identify users who access a variety of agency applications or resources, such as:

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Management is a key competency in securing a business computing environment. The Term “Vulnerability” in this context is defined as a weakness in a technology component that allows an attacker to compromise the integrity, availability, or confidentiality of an asset. WaTech operates a hardware and software vulnerability scanning platform service which enables agency security teams to identify where vulnerabilities reside across their environment of network components, servers,...Read more

Web Services Gateway

The Web Services Gateway (WSG) enables agencies to make their State Government Network (SGN)/Intergovernmental Network (IGN) web services available to the Internet in a secure and reliable manner. The WSG supports a variety of WS standards, including but not limited to: WS-Addressing, WS-ReliableMessaging, WS-Policy, WS-Security, and WS-SecureConversation.Read more