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Wireless is a statewide service that offers greater mobility and productivity via one secure, centrally managed and supported common infrastructure for your agency’s network.


Wireless Services provides the following benefits:

  • No up-front or recurring equipment costs.
  • Easy-to-acquire subscription pricing.
  • Full integration with state government networks.
  • Full compliance with state security standards and policies.
  • Easy, secure roaming for your agency’s network resources.
  • Professional network design.
  • Highly reliable state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Local agency control and administration.
  • A consistent mobile experience.
  • Expert-level centralized support.

The Wireless service basic rate includes all of the following networks:

Wireless Network/SSIDs Users Access to Authentication
<Local Agency Name> Employees Agency resources Joined to Active Directory and User Certificate
Roaming Employees Your agency resources while visiting another agency Joined to Active Directory and User Certificate
Sponsored Guest Guests Internet Assigned username and password
Guest Guests Internet Pre-shared key


Wireless Service



Monthly rate: $50 per access point

One-time costs: Based on quote

Pre-service requirements: 

Basic Requirements for the Wireless Service Local Agency Roaming Guests
✔ Connectivity to the State Government Network (SGN) Required Required Required
✔ Member of the Enterprise Active Directory Forest (EAD) Required Required -
✔ Connectivity to the MPLS Wide Area Network (Agency VRF) Required Required -

How to Order: 

Required Forms

Complete your order by doing the following:

  • Request a Wireless service overview. To schedule an overview of the Wireless Service simply email the WaTech Service Desk.

Complete the required forms:

Terms of Service: 

Once new customers have accepted our budgetary estimate quote and are ready to become a WaTech wireless customer, the customer must review and agree to the Terms of Service Agreement form. After accepting the terms, the Application form will appear, allowing the customer to complete the rest of the application and submit it to WaTech.

Contact us: 

WaTech Support Center