Cloud VPN

WaTech's Cloud Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service provides a secure way to connect employees to your agency's applications and other services hosted in a public cloud network using an internet connection. Your agency's primary network location must be on the State Government Network (SGN).

Features & Benefits

  • The Cloud VPN platform is scalable to support variable speeds (throughput) and multiple cloud environments, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) Commercial and Government, and Microsoft Azure Commercial and Government.
  • Cloud VPNs are easy to provision and are highly secure.
  • WaTech configures and maintains the Cloud VPN hardware and software platform as well as the software system environment.
  • The WaTech Network Operations Center (NOC) provides 24/7/365 coverage with proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, and immediate alerting of service outages relating to the Cloud VPN service, platform and associated features.
  • WaTech provides 24/7/365 customer support through the WaTech Support Center.


Cloud VPN is a subscription service billed monthly. Billing occurs only in the months when services are provided.

Note: All pricing shown is based on Monthly Recurring Cost (MRC). There are no setup/one-time initiation fees associated with the Cloud VPN service.

Tunnel type pricing options
Cloud VPN - Primary Tunnel $1,055 Per tunnel
Cloud VPN - Backup Tunnel $285 Per tunnel


ISP utilization tiered pricing options aggregated across all tunnels
Cloud VPN ISP - 1 Gbps $1,000 aggregated across all agency tunnels
Cloud VPN ISP - 500 Mbps $500 aggregated across all agency tunnels
Cloud VPN ISP - 100 Mbps $100 aggregated across all agency tunnels


Examples of typical pricing options:

Agency A
Agency A has one Primary Tunnel, one Backup Tunnel and 500 Mbps of ISP utilization aggregated across all tunnels.
Agency A-AWS (Primary Tunnel) $1,055
Agency A-AWS-b (Backup Tunnel) $285
500 Mbps ISP utilization across all tunnels $500
Total Agency A $1,840 Per Month
Agency B
Agency B has four Primary Tunnels, four Backup Tunnels and 2 Gbps of ISP utilization aggregated across all tunnels.
Agency B-Division A-AWS_Com (Primary Tunnel) $1,055
Agency B-Division B-Azure_Gov (Primary Tunnel) $1,055
Agency B-Division C-AWS_Com (Primary Tunnel) $1,055
Agency B-Division D-Azure_Gov (Primary Tunnel) $1,055
Agency B-Division A-AWS_Com-b (Backup Tunnel) $285
Agency B-Division B-Azure_Gov-b (Backup Tunnel) $285
Agency B-Division C-AWS_Com-b (Backup Tunnel) $285
Agency B-Division D-Azure_Gov-b (Backup Tunnel) $285
2 Gbps ISP utilization across all tunnels $2,000
Total Agency B $7,360 Per Month

How to Order


Contact the WaTech Support Center to schedule an operational consultation.

If you have questions or need assistance regarding a strategic consultation, please contact your agency Business Relationship Manager (BRM).

Required forms for new customers

Existing customers

New customers and current customers should route all customer inquiries including service initiation, changes, and cancellations via email to the WaTech Support Center or call 855.WaTech1 or 360.586.1000 and ask to open a service request for Cloud VPN Service.

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