Private Branch Exchange (PBX)

WaTech installs, operates, and maintains shared Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems that deliver voice telephone service to public organizations at economical rates. Private Branch Exchanges are large enterprise telephone switches used to deliver dial tone and other voice features. WaTech is able to offer economical PBX service to eligible customers by delivering voice service using the state allocated services or data network connections at potential service locations.

WaTech offers service using the Avaya PBX Platform. The Avaya PBX offering is a versatile hybrid telephone system architecture that supports Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), digital and analog dial tone service.

Features & Benefits

PBX features

WaTech PBX systems are networked together over the statewide Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network. The environment allows WaTech to extend seamless telephone service statewide and supports numerous services and features.

Services include:

  • Custom telephone, call routing and call center configurations based on the Avaya architecture with more than 300 features.
  • Local dialing with a four or five digit abbreviated dial plan.
  • 911 Service -- Learn more.
  • Expanded local dialing to most of the area codes in the state at no additional charge.
  • One number service that lets users receive calls to their office phone on their cellphone or another phone.

Voicemail features

WaTech utilizes the Avaya Aura voicemail platform, which has advanced voicemail features including:

  • Unified messaging that provides voicemail as email.
  • "Reach me" allows users to assign multiple paths to route a call if they are unavailable at their normal office number.
  • Use of speech commands to route voicemail.
  • A speech attendant to access and route voicemail and calls.

Call center features

  • Skills-based routing, which assigns incoming calls to the most suitable agent, instead of simply choosing the next available agent.
  • A comprehensive management system with real-time and historical reporting.
  • IP agent software that allows call center agents to participate in call centers from any location with an IP connection and phone.
  • Experience Portal automated voice and multimedia application and services.
  • Call back functionality that lets callers receive a call back from the call center instead of waiting in queue.
  • Extensive menu capabilities and situation-based call handling.


PBX rate

Description Rate
PBX line rate Line rates are tailored to meet customer's business needs. Please contact the WaTech Support Center for a consultation and customized quote.
SIP VoIP line rate $22 per user per month. Includes: Standard Avaya Messaging Voicemail (Premium Voicemail additional $1.17), Avaya Soft phone (IX Workplace) Domestic Long Distance calling Mobility application links service to cell phone. SIP Phone Service Responsibilities.
Avaya Messaging Standard Service per box, per month $3.83

Premium Service, per box, per month (includes unified messaging, speech attendant, reach me and additional storage): $5.00

Aura voice mail rate and features

Features Standard Premium
Cost per box, per month $3.83 $5.00
Web access for user preference configuration Yes Yes
Speech access Limited to VM users Yes
Reach Me No Yes
Voice recognition for addressing Yes Yes
Visual message waiting indicator Yes Yes
Greetings user can record Two (busy/no answer) Two (busy/no answer)
Maximum greeting length 90 seconds 90 seconds
Extended absence greeting Yes Yes
IMAP4/POP3 access (email integration) No Yes
Email notification No Yes
Text or page notification Yes Yes
Out-calling notification Yes Yes
Maximum message length 4 minutes 4 minutes
Message storage limit 20 minutes 40 minutes
Message retention For life of system For life of system

Special Application features

Special Application Features Rates
Reports -

CMS supervisor agents
Basic agents
Virtual Hold/Sure Connect
Remote Agents (Software only)
Remote Agents with phone
Estimated Wait time
Business Advocate
Custom call center set up
Call center multi-channel integration
Proactive Outreach Manager

$17.00 per agent
$4.25 per agent
$325.00 per month per skill
$30.00 per agent
$7.00 per agent
No Charge
No Charge
No Charge
Automated Attendants/Menus No Charge
IVR/Interactive voice response applications

Custom application development
Standard hardware port/line
Text to Speech port/line

Vendor quote
$120.00 per port per month
$240.00 per port per month
One Number Service $3.00 per line per month
Softphones (with phone set)
Softphones (software only)
$2.00 per line per month
$2.00 + line charge per month
Call Recording $45.00 per line per month
Storage Quote

How to Order

Contact the WaTech Support Center to schedule an operational consultation.

If you have questions or need assistance regarding a strategic consultation, please contact your agency Business Relationship Manager (BRM).

Additional information

To improve billing accuracy for WaTech telephone services, we have launched a new online PBX Services order form and standardized the ordering process. Two critical pieces of information are your WaTech Customer ID/Agency ID number and account ID. If you are not familiar with these two numbers, please check with the authorized purchasing representative within your agency, the telecommunication coordinator within your agency, or contact the WaTech Support Center.

Terms of Service

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