WaTech Connect Contact Center

WaTech Connect Contact Center allows WaTech customers to use cloud-based contact center functions in a highly adaptable environment. WaTech Connect can leverage other AWS services like Polly, Lex, Pinpoint, Lambda, S3, and more along with a variety of digital and voice channels to provide the end user a fully immersive experience in order to meet their needs. WaTech Connect can retrieve information from a computer database or other data source to automatically provide the information to customers or to the agents assisting the customers through secured interactions. Answers to frequently asked questions can be made available to customers for self-service. Automation using WaTech Connect can reduce staff time, operator errors, and enhances customer service.

Features & Benefits

  • Cloud based Contact Center that includes direct inward dial (DID) that can scale up or down at a moment’s notice.
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing, so that you only pay for what you use.
  • High-quality audio that delivers 16kHz audio and is resistant to pack loss.
  • Flow routing for voice, chat, and tasks that include contact queuing, analytics, and management. The flow includes setting logging behavior, setting text-to-speech language and voice, capturing customer inputs (spoken or by pressing 0–9 on the phone keypad), playing prompts, and transferring a customer to a queue.
  • Skills-Based Routing to increase efficiency among agents, minimize wait times, and ensure the end customers get the assistance that they need. Routing is based on variables such as availability, skillset, customer sentiment, and past history.
  • Call Recording comes integrated for agent performance assessment to help monitor and improve customer experiences.
  • Agent Workspace provides a single, intuitive application for your agents with the tools and step-by-step guidance needed to onboard quickly, resolve issues efficiently, and improve customer experiences. It combines the ability for agents to accept calls and chats using the built-in Contact Control Panel (CCP).
  • Task Management for follow-up items to resolve customer issues and requests are essential to maintaining high customer satisfaction making it easier for you to prioritize, assign, and track agent tasks to completion, including work in external applications, to ensure customer issues are quickly resolved.
  • IVR, Chatbots, and Contact Center automation provide intelligent tools for automation including natural language understanding (NLU) integration, context conversations, and task management self-service tools that work across both voice and digital channels.
  • Web and Mobile Chat using Amazon Lex supporting asynchronous messaging and encryption using compliance certifications.
  • API Integration using AWS Lambda so that you can create personalized experiences by accessing virtually any backend system and retrieving information to anticipate end-customer needs and deliver answers to questions before they are asked. This could include customer information on past purchases, contact history, or customer tendencies.
  • Outbound Campaigns using voice, SMS, and email to serve your customers quickly and improve agent productivity, while supporting compliance with local regulations.
  • Predictive Dialer with Answering Machine Detection designed to automatically call customers on a list, while throttling outreach based on predicted agent availability. The dialer also uses a machine learning (ML) model to distinguish between a live customer, voicemail greeting, or busy signal, connecting agents only with live customers.


The monthly charge is based upon two items: the number of users you choose to have configured and the usage charges for AWS Services.

AWS Service usage charges

Based on AWS rates 


User charge based on per user configured $14 per user, per month

There is a one-time charge to set up the call flows, set up the users, train the users, and port the phone number(s).

WaTech Connect setup charge $1,500 or Custom Rate depending on complexity

Service Offering

WaTech provides:

  • Initial implementation services for the initial setup of Contact Flows and ancillary AWS services for a one-time setup fee of $1,500 per queue.
  • Day-to-day user management including adding users to Azure Active Directory security groups, adding users to Amazon Connect instances, and adding users to WaTech’s billing system.
  • Troubleshooting any issues with Dial-Tone, Contact Flows, and other AWS micro services integration with the Amazon Connect Contact Flows.
  • Maintaining the security of the AWS environment to the Washington state 141 standards, including VPCs, EC2s, IAGs, CloudTrail, GuardDog, ECR, and IPv4 addresses.

Customer Responsibility:

  • Any application management of any other AWS services that integrate with the Amazon Connect Contact Flow.
  • Agency is responsible for all administration of 3rd party applications and AWS enhanced services or special circumstances. (Evaluations, workforce optimization etc.)

How to Order

Contact the WaTech Support Center to schedule an operational consultation.

If you have questions or need assistance regarding a strategic consultation, please contact your agency Business Relationship Manager (BRM).

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