Colocation Quincy

The WaTech Colocation Quincy service provides data center facilities to customers who wish to locate IT equipment they own and operate in a secure, professionally managed, state-of-the-art data center. WaTech's Colocation Quincy service provides space, power, cooling, connectivity, and physical and network security for the server, storage, and networking equipment of WaTech customers.

Features & Benefits

Benefits of the WaTech Colocation Quincy service

  • Data Center Facility location in Eastern Washington State.
  • Data Center Facilities are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All physical access is secure.
  • Customers have four separate choices for network connectivity, from fully managing your own network to using WaTech to manage your network for you. Details on Network connectivity choices.1
    • Note: Third Party point-to-point connections cannot yet be made to the WaTech Core network.
  • Take advantage of options to add other WaTech services that extend the functionality of your colocated systems.
  • As your equipment reaches the end of its service life, you have alternatives to procuring replacement equipment.
  • Preserve your investment in IT equipment while avoiding the costs and complexities of managing a facility.

Features of WaTech Quincy Data Center facilities

Customer Amenities

  • Vendor and technician parking
  • Loading Dock

Physical Security

  • Restricted Access Policy and Procedures
  • On Site Physical Security Staff Monitor Access Control Systems 24x7x365
  • CCTV Recording on all Access and Egress points 24x7x365 throughout the Facility
  • Access History is Recorded for Audit Purposes

Fire System

  • Double Interlock Pre-Action Fire Suppression System (this type of system requires detection of multiple events in order to prevent accidental activation).
  • Very Early Smoke Detection and Alarm (VESDA) System (This is an active smoke detection system that constantly samples air in the data center to detect the presence of smoke particles suspended in the air)

Power and Cooling

  • Electrical and Mechanical Infrastructure Designed and Built to be Concurrently Maintainable. A concurrently maintainable data center has redundant capacity components and multiple independent distribution paths serving the computer equipment. Only one distribution path is required to serve the computer equipment at any time.
  • On Site Critical Environment Staff 24x7x365
  • Building Management System (BMS) and Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) for Control and Monitoring Mechanical and Electrical Equipment
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) System Provided for Conditioning AC Electrical Power
  • On-site Generator Infrastructure to Provide back-up power in the event of a utility power outage


  • Equipped with pre-configured IT equipment Enclosures
  • Enclosure Power Standard is 208 volt (110 volt optional)


  • Data, Voice and Video TV Connectivity through Multiple Carriers
  • Standardized Copper and Fiber Cable Tray Systems
  • Space Management Services Including Consultation for Planning Adds, Moves and Changes to IT Equipment and Physical Connectivity
  • Compliant with ANSI/TIA/EIA Standards

Basic Colocation Service

Colocation provides enclosures for Customer IT equipment, supports Network connections to either the WaTech core network or to 3rd party providers, and firewall services.

WaTech Customers also receive:
  • Network connection monitoring
  • 24x7 Service Desk support
  • Ongoing technical support for network connections
  • Ongoing technical support for managed firewalls
  • Vulnerability scanning,
  • Ability to remotely access devices
    • Can use operating system utilities such as PuTTY or Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
    • Can use server management technologies such as HP's Integrated Lights Out (ILO) and Dell's Remote Access Controller (DRAC)


Current Biennium (FY 16 - 17) - Rates Effective July 1, 2015
Category Service Description Customer Rate
Facilities Half-size (21RU) 2.5 kW Enclosure** $650 per enclosure per month
  Full-size (42RU) 5 kW Enclosure $1,000 per enclosure per month
  Full-size (42RU) 7.5 kW Enclosure $1,500 per enclosure per month
  Full-size (42RU) 10 kW Enclosure $2,000 per enclosure per month
  Full-size (42RU) 12.5 kW Enclosure $2,500 per enclosure per month
Core Network Services - Allocated Customers Customers included in the Network Allocation will have no additional charges for Network Core Services  
Core Network Services - Non-Allocated Customers 10Mb/100Mb/1Gb Connection $165 per port per month
  10Gb Connection $1,300 per port per month
  Management Interface $35 per port per month
  1-Time Installation Charge $265 per port
Telephony Services*** Centrex Analog Phone Circuit (for modem support) $45 per line per month
  1-Time Centrex installation charge $62.50 per line
  PBX Phone Line (for voice) $18 per line per month
Firewall Services - Allocated Customers Customers included in the Security Infrastructure Allocation will have no additional charges for Managed Firewall services  
Firewall Services - Non-Allocated Customers Managed Firewall services $1,750 per managed firewall per month
** Available to customers whose IT equipment installation needs don't require a full enclosure. Limit, one half enclosure per customer.
*** Telephony services not currently available at WaTech Quincy

Colocation Service Rates described here apply to services provided at the Olympia SDC and at the WaTech Quincy locations

How to Order

Contact the WaTech Support Center to schedule an operational consultation.

If you have questions or need assistance regarding a strategic consultation, please contact your agency Business Relationship Manager (BRM).

Additional information

  1. Please read the Customer Engagement Plan and the Colocation On-Boarding Guide.
    1. The Customer Engagement Plan details the method that WaTech uses for working with customers on Data Center projects.
    2. The Colocation On-Boarding Guide details the processes used to prepare, plan and conduct migration of customer IT equipment into the QDC.
  2. Please submit a request to the WaTech Support Center requesting Colocation Services.
  3. You will then be contacted by WaTech to capture detailed requirements and configuration details for your environment, answer questions you have and to prepare planning for the migration of your equipment to the QDC.
  4. You will be required to accept the WaTech Colocation Terms of Service (TOS) at the time services are quoted.
  5. Data center/Hosting

Service Cancellation

Contact the WaTech Support Center at 855.WaTech1 or 360.586.1000 and ask them to open a service request for cancellation of your Colocation services. Be sure to provide your contact information to Support Center staff.

Terms of Service

Please select the link below to accept the Colocation Terms of Service (TOS):

Colocation (TOS)

Service Forms & Documents


WaTech Support Center
855.WaTech1 or 360.586.1000