Electronic Records Vault (WaServ)

The Washington State Electronic Records Vault Service (WaSERV) can store email according to your agency's records and retention requirements. State employees use email to process large amounts of information, and that email must be handled in a manner that complies with legal and fiscal requirements.

WaSERV provides a solution to the explosive growth of individual mailboxes by moving email to the Vault. Through this service, a secure email repository is available to simplify searches for email data - a useful feature for organizing and storing corporate knowledge. With WaSERV, agencies can also respond quickly to public records requests.

Please view the video "A conversation with Ron Seymour (DFI CIO) about WaSERV"


Description Fee
Seat License Fee - for agencies who have email service that is not hosted by WaTech $2.25 per user, per month
Seat License Fee - for agencies who have email service that is hosted by WaTech $0 per user, per month
Data Storage $1.27/Managed GB per month

How to Order

Contact the WaTech Support Center to schedule an operational consultation.

If you have questions or need assistance regarding a strategic consultation, please contact your agency Business Relationship Manager (BRM).

New customers:

  • To obtain services from WaTech, eligible organizations must enter into a Master Service Agreement (MSA).
  • Must be a member of the Enterprise Active Directory (EAD), and be connected to the State Government Network (SGN)

Current customers:

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