Boards & Committees


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Circle strategic planning chart

WaTech maintains and supports an information technology enterprise governance and advisory framework that focuses on state priorities, policies, strategies and objectives. These groups meet on a regular basis to provide guidance and steering for strategic vision and planning for enterprise IT initiatives and projects.

Public Boards

Technology Services Board (TSB)

The TSB was created by RCW 43.105.285.The TSB focuses primarily on statewide information technology (IT) strategic vision and planning, enterprise architecture, policy and standards, and major project oversight.


  • TSB Portfolio/Policy Subcommittee
  • TSB Security Subcommittee

State Interoperability Executive Committee (SIEC)

The SIEC was established on October 1, 2011 by RCW 43.105.331. The SIEC develops policies and makes recommendations for technical standards for state wireless radio communications systems, including emergency communications systems.


Chart of governance groups

Enterprise Governance Groups

These governance groups inform and enable statewide information technology strategy for Washington through inclusive collaboration, openness, transparency and accountability. The boards, committees, advisory and user groups are open to Washington state agencies, county, city and Tribal governments, and public-benefit nonprofits and their staff.


Business Management Council

Technology Investment Board

Technology Management Council

  • Accessibility Subcommittee
  • Cloud Enablement Advisory Committee (CEAC)
  • Data Governance Committee
  • Enterprise Active Directory Steering Committee (EAD)
  • Enterprise Architecture Committee
  • Enterprise Cloud Computing Steering Committee
  • Enterprise Security Governance Committee
  • Geographic Information Technology (GIT) Committee
  • Information Management Committee
  • State Agency Privacy Forum
  • Technology Business Management (TBM) Group
    • TBM Cohort
  • Washington State Geographic Information Council (WAGIC)
  • WaTech Advisory Council (WAC)
  • Discovery Accelerator Users Group
  • Forest Applications Developer (FAD)
  • Forest Resource Group (FRG)
  • Geospatial Portal Steering Committee
  • Office 365 Users Group
  • Open Data Advisory Group (ODAG)
  • Project Steering Committees
  • SecureAccess WA Technical and Business Advisory Group
  • Secure Gateway Services Fireside Chat
  • Washington Master Addressing Steering Committee (WAMAS)