Joanne Markert receives GIS Person of the Year Award from WAGISA

Joanne Markert, WaTech’s State Geographic Information Officer, has been honored with the GIS Person of the Year Award, also known as the Summit Award, by the Washington GIS Association (WAGISA). The award is presented during the annual Washington GIS Conference for highest contributions by an individual to the Washington state GIS Community.

She was recognized for her exceptional leadership, innovation, and impact in the field of data and GIS. Joanne has been instrumental in driving several key projects at WaTech, including the implementation of a statewide GIS platform that improves data accessibility and integration for various state agencies. Her efforts have not only helped increase data sharing and analysis but also facilitated more informed decision making across multiple sectors, from environmental management to urban planning.

"We are incredibly proud of Joanne's achievements and her dedication to leveraging GIS technology to create positive impacts for the citizens of Washington state," said Nick Stowe, WaTech's State Chief Technology Officer. "This award is a testament to Joanne, and her team’s, hard work and vision for a more connected and data-driven state government."

The organization presenting the award is known for its commitment to promoting excellence and innovation in the GIS field. Each year, they recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the advancement of GIS technology and its applications.