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Progress to date - April 20, 2021:

Project status - 100% complete.

  • All customers have signed and submitted the TOS.
  • Sent project close-out report for approval.
  • OFM approved the new service rate model.
  • Complete project closeout report
  • Approval of project closeout report received

Latest updates:

  • The Avamar applications have been shut down.

Previous updates:

  • Backup Service and Storage Transformation project introduction briefing was held on Jan. 2, 2020 at the 1500 Jefferson Building in Olympia.
  • The Middleware RFI was published on Jan. 24, 2020.
  • OCIO Grey Zone meeting completed on Feb. 24; determination made on Mar. 3 that no oversight is required.
  • OCS Security Design Review consult completed on Mar. 2; team working to complete documentation needed to gain approval to implement the new solution.

What’s new

  • WaTech is currently reviewing responses to a procurement notice we released requesting more information from the vendor community about potential middleware solutions available for purchase. The request for information (RFI) was sent to participating vendors who are registered in Washington’s Electronic Business Solution (WEBS) as well as published on the WaTech website.

Next steps

Procure new solution
On Dec. 20, 2019, we began the process of procuring a new solution. Based on the current schedule, this process will involve the following activities:

  • Conduct a Proof of Concept (POC) of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure for public cloud storage.
  • Define the middleware solution requirements.
  • Obtain feedback/approval of the defined middleware solution requirements.
  • Draft the Request for Information (RFI) for the middleware solution.
  • Publish the RFI for the middleware solution.
  • Review the responses received to RFI for the middleware solution.
  • Make a recommendation for approval to procure a middleware solution from the vendor that best meets the requirements described in the RFI.
  • Procure the middleware solution from the approved vendor.


On Nov. 1, 2019, WaTech executive management determined that the Avamar hardware and software currently in use to support the WaTech Backup Service needs to be replaced with a cloud-based solution by Sept. 17, 2020. The proposed cloud-based solution consists of middleware that will initiate and process data backups to a public cloud storage account.

Transitioning the WaTech Backup Service from on-premises to a cloud-based backup service and storage solution aligns with WaTech’s strategic initiatives of transitioning services from private to public cloud services and modernizing our technology.

Additionally, preliminary research has determined that moving data backups from on-premises to pubic cloud storage will result in significant savings, both from an operational and financial standpoint. However, more research and analysis is needed throughout the course of this project to determine if the middleware will require on-premises hardware and/or software.

Read the project charter for a full description of the project.

For more information:

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