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Cloud Highway

WaTech’s Cloud Highway service delivers secure, high-speed connectivity to mission-critical cloud services. With the Cloud Highway, state agencies can focus on improving their online business services rather than worry about the underlying technologies supporting them, while taking advantage of savings associated with economies of scale.   

Our Cloud Highway service provides physical security, speed, identity management and networking, all through an advanced infrastructure with an...Read more

Cloud VPN

WaTech’s Cloud Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service provides a secure way to connect employees to your agency’s applications and other services hosted in a public cloud network using an internet connection. Your agency’s primary network location must be on the State Government Network (SGN).Read more

Domain Naming Services (DNS)

WaTech Domain Naming Service (DNS) is available to all agencies connected to the State Government Network (SGN) or the IntraGovernmental Network (IGN) for the and domains.Read more

Managed Firewall

Managed Firewalls protect your network from unauthorized access and malicious attacks. Firewalls are the critical gateway into a network, and firewalls managed by WaTech come with the highest degree of attention and expertise to protect critical agency assets and provide peace of mind.

Managed Firewall services are available in two categories:

  • WaTech-managed firewalls are a fully managed firewall solution, including policy and configuration. The service is

  • ...Read more


WaTech’s Network Services delivers the networking infrastructure and technology that provides state agencies and other authorized customers connectivity to the state’s wide area network (WAN). This includes resilient and highly available internet access, connectivity to enterprise applications and services and co-location service (data center connectivity) support.

Network Services comprise two main components:

Network Core

The Network Core is the network segment owned and managed by WaTech that is located at the State Data Center and WaTech’s use of the Quincy Data Center.  

The Network Core includes over 1,200 devices, carrier-class switching and routing equipment, primary transport circuits between the data centers and support infrastructure. The network core provides state government connectivity to corporate business partners.

The service availability objective is 99.99% for Network Core....Read more

Office VPN

The Office Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service provides a secure, cost-effective way to connect employees to your agency’s main network through a local Internet Service Provider (ISP), such as CenturyLink or Comcast. Your agency’s primary network location must be on the State Government Network (SGN) or the Intergovernmental Network (IGN).Read more

Transport and Connectivity

Data transported within state government is combined onto the Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure managed by WaTech. Managing this much demand in one place means WaTech can competitively acquire large amounts of bandwidth, driving down costs while boosting speed and capacity. WaTech can act as your single point of contact for designing, ordering, implementing and operating networks — dispatching staff around the clock to resolve problems and work with vendors. Our aim is to help you focus...Read more

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Network (SSL VPN) provides mobile users with secure internet access to agency networks from any location.

The SSL VPN service can be customized to meet your agency’s needs with several options for multi-factor authentication.Read more

Wireless Service

Wireless is a statewide service that offers greater mobility and productivity via one secure, centrally managed and supported common infrastructure for your agency’s network.Read more