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Microsoft Teams provides capabilities to collaborate and participate in Audio Conferencing with toll-free Teams conferencing.

Toll-free is an add on to Teams Conferencing. Customer agencies can choose to add a toll-free number to meeting requests that users create. Each agency may have one or more unique toll-free numbers.

WaTech maintains a pool of Communication Credits in the Enterprise Shared Tenant. Toll-free usage is pulled from this pool. Agencies will be billed back monthly for minutes used by dial-in callers on a per minute rate.


Teams Toll-Free Audio-Conferencing includes the following features:

  • Set up, including porting if needed, of a toll-free number to the Enterprise Shared Tenant.
  • Configuration of conferencing users to use toll-free numbers rather than the local access numbers.
  • Bill back for usage of per caller per minute usage of toll-free numbers.


Description Rate
Toll-Free Conference Number $0. 06 per minute




Pre-service requirements: 

Your organization must be a member of the Enterprise Shared Tenant to use this service.

View the onboarding requirements for this service.

How to Order: 

Please submit a request to the WaTech Support Center (see the Contact us section below).

Contact us: 

WaTech Support Center