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Progress to date - June 8, 2021:

What's new

  • 34 of 60 agencies have fully migrated to Exchange Online.

  • 26 of 58 agencies have migrated from the Enterprise Vault to Online Archiving in the shared tenant.

  • 5 of 58 agencies have completed their Enterprise Vault data deletion.

  • The Enterprise Shared Tenant Migration Schedule has been finalized for agencies that must migrate from WaTech-supported Exchange and Enterprise Vault on-premises services to Exchange Online and Online Archiving in the shared tenant. The schedule was vetted through agency CIOs and agencies should be prepared to have all migration pre-requisites complete prior to your migration window to ensure you are able to migrate on time. If you have questions regarding your agency’s readiness or pre-requisites, please contact Angie Sherrer or Louis Bugenig.   

Next steps

WaTech activities

  • Agency materials development and approval (active).
  • Agency outreach and consulting (active).
  • Socialization of the Enterprise Shared Tenant Migration Schedule with the Cabinet.
  • Training – bi-weekly Tuesday afternoon fireside chats via Microsoft Teams scheduled for the first and third Tuesdays of each month from 2-3 p.m. Check out our Upcoming Events section for more training opportunities (ongoing).

Agency activities

Agencies can be completing these tasks in preparation for migrating to cloud-based Exchange and other Microsoft 365 services:

  1. Schedule a readiness consultation. Contact the WaTech Support Center at 360.586.1000 or 855.928.3241, or email
  2. Authorize WaTech to register primary and secondary namespaces within the Enterprise Shared Tenant.
  3. Extend your Active Directory user identities into Azure Active Directory, or authorize WaTech to do so on your behalf.
  4. Begin training administration and records teams on the components and capabilities of M365.
  5. Consider records compliance policies and practices as agency staff move to Exchange, OneDrive, and other M365 components. Evaluate whether Microsoft’s eDiscovery tools available in the G5 license would benefit your organization.
  6. Initiate a project with the OCIO for agency migration into the Enterprise Shared Tenant.


Contact information

Louis Bugenig, Project Manager